• Societal and economic transition & Risk management

"Discontinuities" Laboratory

Research unit - UR 2468


The Geography Laboratory «Discontinuities» questions the transformation of the space of our societies through the discontinuity considered as an object or a process of rupture or transition whether social, temporal or spatial. The 11 researchers and PhD students who make up the team, led by Bernard Reitel, professor of political and urban geography, work on various themes. Three approaches are proposed. The first focuses on an analysis by actors in the field of political geography, social geography and economic geography, taking into account borders, school paths, mobility, business dynamics and urban transformations. A second approach questions the representations and construction of identities by studying the relationships between gender and public space, tourism, life trajectories. A third called socio-environmental, considers the convergence, or even hybridization, of social and environmental issues and shows the complexity of the arrangements by analyzing the vulnerabilities, pressures on spaces and the relationships of societies to their 'natural heritages'.


  • Bernard Reitel


9 rue du Temple
Université d'Artois, Maison de la Recherche
62000 ARRAS



Effectif total : 16

Personnel de recherche : 11

Personnel d'appui à la recherche : 3



• Territorial Diagnostics
• Spatial and territorial socio-economic analyses
• Expertise in health related to the territory
• Analysis of European projects within the framework of European territorial cooperation
• Ecosystem analyses.

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  • Societal and economic transition & Risk management
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