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Aerothermal and Energy Control of Complex Systems (CAESC)



Our platform consists of a set of platforms dedicated to the characterization of fluids, heat transfer and energy conversion in severe conditions (high temperature, high speed and/or low dimensions).

In particular, it makes it possible to study the characteristics of fluids in the vicinity of surfaces and interfaces (aerodynamic behaviour of drops in the evaporation phase, study of emissions and particle deposits, characterization of aerodynamic wake of various geometries) at different scales (microscopic to macroscopic).

This platform also opens the prospect of energy and dynamic control of complex systems in order to reduce their energy cost and thus increase their overall efficiency and performance.


  • Marc LIPPERT
    Technical manager
  • Laurent KEIRSBULCK
    Scientific manager


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• Wind tunnel platform: Fundamental aerodynamic characterization applied to the fields of land and sea transport - this platform is integrated into the regional platform CONTRAERO co-funded by the State, the Hauts-de-France region with the project RITMEA CPER 2021 - 2027 and the ERDF Fund.

• Energy platform: Characterization of systems of conversion of thermal energy to mechanical/ electric energy (hot air motors and internal combustion, biomass cogeneration unit) These platforms continue their development - (This platform is integrated into the PEGASE regional platform co-funded by the State, the Hauts-de-France region with the CPER RITMEA 2021 - 2027 project and the ERDF Fund.

• Microfluidic Platform: Aerothermal characterization of fluid behaviour at very small scales (drops and microchannels)

Example(s) of projects

• Flow control developing on a motor vehicle to reduce its consumption

• Characterization of a natural and roasted wood pellet boiler as an alternative fuel for clean energy production

• Development of innovative cooling systems for electric vehicle engines and energy stores

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