Platforms and laboratories

"Mésocentre" of High Performance Computing of the University of Lille


Advanced characterization platform

Advanced Drug Delivery Systems

Advanced High-Throughput Technologies Platform for Biorefineries Catalysts Design

Aerosol Radiation Interactions

Aerothermal and Energy Control of Complex Systems


Agro-Transfert Ressources et Territoires

Agroecology, Hydrogeochemistry, Media & Resources (UP2018.C101)

Amiens Centre for Private Law and Criminal Sciences

Amiens Centre for Research in Education and Training

Amiens Hispanic Studies Centre

Analytical chemistry technical platform

Analytical platform

Animal facilities

Atmospheric optics laboratory

Autonomous Lab Car

Autonomous Mobility Platform

Basins Reservoirs Resources

Behaviour of materials and surfaces under extreme conditions


BioImaging Center Lille

Biomechanics and bioengineering

Blood-Brain Barrier Laboratory

Cancer Heterogeneity, Plasticity and Resistance to Therapies

Catalysis and Molecular Chemistry

CEA Tech Hauts-de-France

Cell Engineering and Protein Analysis

Cell Plasticity and Cancer

Cellular Adiposity and Bone

Center for aerosol Remote Sensing

Center for Infection & Immunity of Lille

Center for Interaction, Virtual Reality and Images

Center for interdisciplinary research on information & communication

Center for Research “Individuals, Experiences, Societies”

Center for research in foreign cultures, languages and literature

Centre d'Innovation des Technologies sans Contact - EuraRFID

Centre d’Enseignement, de Recherche et d’Innovation Énergie Environnement

Centre d’Enseignement de Recherche et d’Innovation Matériaux et Procédés

Centre for Education, Research and Innovation Digital Systems

Centre for Ethical Law and Procedures

Centre for Research in Arts and Aesthetics

Centre for Research in Psychology: Cognition, Psychism and Organisations

Centre for Research on Innovation and Industrial Strategies

Centre for the History of Societies, Sciences and Conflicts

Centre for the Study of Linguistic and Literary Relations and Contact

Ceramic materials synthesis and development platform

Clinical Investigation Centre - Technological Innovations of Lille

Cognitive Science & Affective Sciences

Combustion and Energy Platform

Computer Science Research Centre of Lens

Concrete & Composite Materials

Conflicts, representations and dialogues in the English-speaking World

Contemporary Arts Studies Centre

CRITT Polymères

Data Management Platform


Department of Mathematics

Development and Disability

Digital Humanities Platform

Drugs and Molecules for Living Systems


Dynamometer power bench

Earth and Planetary Materials


Eco-processes, optimization and decision making

Ecology and Dynamics of Anthropized Systems

Economic and Financial Flows

Economics, Finance, Management and Innovation Laboratory

Education & Society

Efficacy and resistance to anti-tumour targeted therapies

Efficient-Drive Platform

Electrical Energy Systems Platform

Electricity & Vehicules

Electron Microscopy Platform

Electron Microscopy Platform of Lille

Emotional and Cognitive (Dys)Regulations

Engineering Technology Platform for Chemistry and Materials

Environmental Chemistry and Life Interactions Unit

Enzymatic and Cellular Engineering

Evaluation of health technologies and medical practices

Evo-Eco-Paleo laboratory

Experimental platform for turbulence

Exploration and morphological analysis of surfaces


Extreme Tribology

Factors of persistence of leukemic cells

FiberTech Lille

Food safety unit, Boulogne-sur-Mer

Functional Neuroscience and Pathology Laboratory

Functionality of anthropized systems

Future Logistics and Sustainable Production

Genomics platform


Geology and Hydrogeology Platform

Geosciences technical platform

Glycochemistry, Antimicrobials and Agro-Resources Laboratory

Glycomics and proteomics platform

Greenhouse, Crop and Experimental Ground Platform

Habitat and smart city

Haematopoiesis and Immunology

Head and neck surgery: morphological and functional characterization

Heterogeneous Catalysis

Heuristics and diagnosis of complex systems

High throughput and high content screening platform

High throughput screening unit for accelerated formulation

History, Archaeology and Literature of the Ancient Worlds

Human Mobility Platform

Humanism Platform

ICARE Data and services center

Impact of the chemical environment on health

In-situ testing under X-ray imaging

Inductively Coupled Plasma

Infectious agents, Resistance & Chemotherapy

Innovation-research in the Digital and Interactive Visual Environments

Innovation, Territory, Agriculture and Agroindustry, Knowledge and Technology

Innovative materials

Innovative Technologies Laboratory

Institut for historical research of septentrion

Institute for Research on Software and Hardware Components for Information and Advanced Communication

Institute for Translational Research in Inflammation

Institute of Electronics, Microelectronics and Nanotechnology

Integrated Transformation of Renewable Matter

Interactions Platform

Interdisciplinary Research in Management and Economics

Interface Processes and Hygiene of Materials

Justice & Work

Knowledge, Organization and Systems

Knowledge, Texts, Language

Laboratoire d’Automatique, de Mécanique et d’Informatique Industrielles et Humaines

Laboratory of Applied Mathematics of Compiègne

Laboratory of Cell Physiology

Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Physiology

Laboratory of Ceramic Materials and Mathematics

Laboratory of Civil Engineering and Geo-Environment

Laboratory of Computer Engineering and Automatic of Artois

Laboratory of Condensed Matter Physics

Laboratory of Design, Territory, History and Materiality

Laboratory of Electrical engineering and Power Electronics

Laboratory of Electrotechnical Systems and Environment

Laboratory of Mathematics of Lens

Laboratory of multiscale and multiphysics mechanics

Laboratory of Oceanology and Geosciences

Laboratory of Physico-Chemistry of the Atmosphere

Laboratory of Physics of Lasers, Atoms and Molecules

Laboratory of sociology, history, education, representations, practices and sports activities

Laboratory of Spectroscopy for Interactions, Reactivity and Environment

Laboratory of Virology

Laser Assisted Therapies and Immunotherapies for Oncology

Legal Research Laboratory

Lille bioinformatics platform

Lille Economics Management

Lille Fluid Mechanics Laboratory - Kampé de Fériet

Lille In vivo Imaging and Functional Exploration

Lille Integrated Genomic Advanced Network

Lille Interuniversity Center for Research in Education

Lille Laboratory of Mechanics

Lille Neurosciences & Cognition

Lille Optical Metrology

Lille Platforms in Biology and Health

Lille Research Platform for Robotics and Intelligent Transport

Lille University Data Platform

Lille University Management Lab

Literary Analyses and History of the Language

Living in the World

Low Emission Mobility Platform

Magnetic Resonance Imaging Platform for Small Animals

Magnetism and Electron Magnetic Resonance

Management & Organization

Marketing and Societing Lab

Marketing, Negotiation & Sales

Mass spectrometry

Mass spectrometry for Omics

Material characterization and low stiffness assembly

Materials and Processes Department

Materials and Surfaces Engineering Platform

Materials and transformations unit

Materials Characterization Platform


Mechanical engineering, energy and electricity

Metabolic functional (epi)genomics and molecular mechanisms involved in type 2 diabetes and related diseases

Metallurgy Physics and Materials Engineering

Micro-Nano Manufacturing Center

Microbiology and food quality technical platform

Microfluidic Platform

Microscopy and Micro-Fluorescence X

Miniaturisation for Synthesis, Analysis and Proteomics

Modelling, Information and Systems

Molecular and Therapeutic Materials

Molecular Materials Dynamics and Structure Unit

Molecular mechanisms of N-glycosylation and associated pathologies

Mucins, cancer and drug resistance

Multi-Physics Characterization Platform for micro/nano devices, high frequency components and communicating systems

Multi-scale modeling and characterization of coupled

Multi-scale modelling of urban systems

Multidisciplinary Research Unit on Sport, Health and Society


Neuropsychology and Audition

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Nuclear Receptors, Metabolic and Cardiovascular Diseases

Numerical analysis and partial differential equations

Observatory of the University of Lille (Affiliated to the Institute of Celestial Mechanics and Ephemeris Calculations)

Opal Coast Computer, Signal and Image Laboratory

Organoid research platform of Lille

Ozone platform

Pathophysiological Mechanisms and Consequences of Cardiovascular Calcifications

Pharo: The immersive programming experience

Physical Activity, Muscle, Health

Physico-Chemistry of Combustion Processes and Atmosphere

Physics of Complex Systems

Physiological Adaptations to Exercise and Exercise Rehabilitation


PLATANN Platform

Platform for Mechanical, Multiphysics, Multiscale Characterization of Materials and Structures

Polymer Systems Engineering

Powder processes and technologies

Powertrain Energy Platform

Probability and Statistics

Proteomics, Inflammatory Response, Mass Spectrometry



Psychology: Interactions, Time, Emotions, Cognition

Pure and Applied Mathematics Laboratory

Rare Diseases of Embryonic Development and Metabolism: From Phenotype to Genotype and Function

Reactions and resistance of materials to fire

Reactivity and Solid State Chemistry Laboratory

Regional Library for Research in Mathematics

Research and Innovation Platform for the Cooperative Automated Vehicle

Research and Studies Centre - History and Societies

Research center in Computer Science, Signal and Automatic Control

Research Centre in French Linguistics and French Didactics

Research Centre on Institutions, Industry and Economic Systems of Amiens

Research centre on laws and perspectives of the law

Research Group on Alcohol & Pharmacodependences

Research Group on Injectable Forms and Associated Technologies

Research Group on Multimodal Analysis of Brain Function

Research Unit on History, Languages, Literatures and Intercultural

Risk factors and molecular determinants of aging-related diseases

RIZOMM - smart building

Self-Organizing Future Ubiquitous Networks

Senescence, fibrosis and cancer

SHERPA Platform

Simplifying Care of Complex Surgical Patients

Smart Home

Smart Lab

SMART Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics

Societies & Humanities Research Laboratory

Structural and Functional Glycobiology Unit

Structure-function relationship for the rational formulation of food and ingredients

Study of aerodynamic flows

Supramolecular Catalysis and Chemistry

Surface analysis

Sustainable Energy Management and Systems

Taphonomy Forensic Unit


Technical engineering platform for food, non-food processes

Technical platform for biotechnology, plant pathology and agro-ecology

Technical platform for cellular and molecular biology

Technical platform for culinary practices

Technical platform for methanization

Technical platform for physical chemistry and analytical chemistry of soils

Technical platform of agronomy

Territories, Cities, Environment and Society

Text, Representation, Archaeology, Authority and Memory, from Antiquity through the Early Modern Period

Textile research laboratory

Texts and Cultures

The Amiens Laboratory of Fundamental and Applied Mathematics

The Center for Judicial History

The Centre for Administrative, Political and Social Studies and Research

The Lille Centre for Sociological and Economic Research and Studies

The Paul Painlevé Laboratory

The perinatal period and toxic risks

Thin Layers and NanoMaterials

Transformation and Agroressources Unit (Artois University site)

Transformations and Agroresources

Translational Research Laboratory for Diabetes

Translational research platform on the interactions between physical activity, sport and health

Unit of catalysis and solid state chemistry

University Centre for Research on Public Action and Politics - Epistemology and Social Sciences

UPscaling of CATalysts

Vibrational spectroscopy platform

X-Ray Diffraction and Scattering Platform