• Energy and Environment

RIZOMM - smart building (RIZOMM)



A place for research, training and experimentation that produces energy and is self-consuming, dedicated to energy transition; a global project that ensures positive interaction between users, the building, the equipments and the partners, in a logic of ecosystem; an integrated demonstrator that articulates the human and social sciences and the engineering sciences; the RIZOMM is a renovated building with a high level of performance, combining energy efficiency and production via photovoltaics. An experimental terrace is available and part of the 5th floor roof has been hollowed out to create a creative space for teaching and research. Each year, this terrace is dedicated to the work of students, researchers and partners who can use modules that can be "plugged" into a dedicated frame. A "Do It Yourself" place in which users are invited on a daily basis is available. This project has received support from the ERDF (14-20 programming, TRI axis) and the PF4E scheme (European Life program).


  • Benoit Bourel
    Scientific manager
  • Stéphane Lauridant
    Technical manager


41 rue du port
59000 LILLE




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Regional strategic areas of activity

  • Energy and Environment
    • Circular economy
    • Efficient and sustainable buildings (eco-construction, eco-renovation)
    • Energy efficiency and storage
    • Renewable energies
    • Smart grids