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Mechanical engineering, energy and electricity (ROBERVAL)

Research unit - UMR 7337


The Roberval laboratory is positioned on the design of innovative mechanical/multiphysical components and systems, proposing to conduct scientific and technological research in an interdisciplinary context, a prerequisite for the design, the study of the behaviour and sustainability of complex systems. In particular, the laboratory makes a substantive contribution to defining a framework for studying these complex systems (choice of systems or mechanistic approach, choice of scales relevant to the study of variability, etc.).


  • Jérôme Favergeon


Rue du docteur Schweitzer


Mechanical engineering, energy and electricity


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• Numerical methods in mechanics
• Acoustics and vibration
• Materials and surfaces
• Mechatronics
• Energy, electricity, integration
• Industrial systems: product/process
• Uncertainties and variability,
• Integrated function materials and structures.

Example(s) of projects

Labex MS2T (Maîtrise des systèmes de systèmes technologiques), Variation, Self-Tum, Ecobex, Alveo, Accecotp, Gripac, Essencyele

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NPU Northwestern University de X'ian, Ecole nationale des ingénieurs de Sfax, Universidad de Santiago de Chile, Ecoles de Mines de Cracovie, Université de technologie de Wroclaw, universités du Quebec, Université libre de Bruxelles, Imperial College of London, ISVR Southampton, TU Braunschweig, Ecole National des Art et Métiers, Sorbone Université

Collaborations/Partners/Private Clients

IRT Raillenium, Renault, Valeo, Plastenault, PSA, Saint Gobain, Arcelor Mittal, DeltaCad,ic Omnium, Alstom, SAFRAN, Airbus, CNES, Onera, EDF, CEA, CETIM, CEREMA

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  • Aeronautics / Aerospace
  • Materials (Metal, Glass, Ceramic, Composite...)

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    • Energy efficiency and storage