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Laboratory of Condensed Matter Physics (LPMC)

Research unit - UR 2081


This Unit develops expertise in the field of ferroic complex oxides and 2D materials.

The aim of our research is twofold:

• to develop new materials in bulk, thin film and nanostructure forms,

• to explore their potential applications in the fields of energy (electrostatic energy storage, photovoltaics, piezoelectrics) and
electronics (ferroelectric memories).

The Unit relies on advanced numerical methods and technological tools, using a wide range of characterization techniques.


  • Mimoun EL MARSSI
  • Nathalie BOUQUET
  • Andreas ZEINERT
    Deputy director


33, rue Saint Leu
Bâtiment des Minimes
80039 Amiens Cedex 1


Laboratory of Condensed Matter Physics


Effectif total : 37

Personnel de recherche : 21

Personnel d'appui à la recherche : 3



The research activity of the LPMC is organised around two main themes:

1. Functional complex oxides (FCOs)

• Energy materials: electrostatic energy storage, electrocaloric, multiferroic-based photovoltaic, piezoelectric
• Ferroic thin films and superlattices for electronic applications
• Modelling of ferroic topological systems

2. Surface engineering (SI)

• Thin film composites
• Materials for photocatalysis
• Anti-corrosion coatings
• Tribological properties

Example(s) of projects

1. Project H2020-MSCA-RISE-2019-MELON-N°872631:
"Memristive and multiferroic materials for emergent logic units in nanoelectronics"

Study of the potential of new materials with "pastdependent" conductivity to emulate neural connectivity.
Budget: €1,380k
Partners: UPJV (Project Leader) - National Council for Scientific and Technical Research of Argentina
(CONICET), Nanotechcenter of Kiev (Ukraine), University of Zaragoza (Spain), University of Groningen

2. Project H2020-MSCA-ITN-2019-MANIC-N°861153:
"Materials for Neuromorphic Circuits"

Development of computing platforms that function efficiently and flexibly in the manner of the human brain.
Budget: €4,123k
Partners: University of Groningen (Project Leader, Netherlands), IBM RESEARCH GMBH (Switzerland),
UPJV, Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC, Spain), Jülich Research Centre, University of Bielefeld (Germany), University of Oxford, Queen’s University Belfast, University College London (UK), Universities of Twente (Netherlands) and Zurich (Switzerland)

3. Project H2020-MSCA-RISE-2017 - ENGIMA - N°778072
"Engineering of Nanostructures with Giant MagnetoPiezoelectric and Multicaloric Functionalities"

Exploration of magnetic / piezoelectric couplings
of nanostructures and superlattices to obtain new ferroic materials with giant magneto- and multicaloric
Budget: 936 k€
Partners: UPJV (Project Leader), Jozef Stefan Institute (Slovenia), NANOTECH center (Ukraine), University of Cadi Ayyad (Morocco), Southern Federal University(Russia)

4. FP7-People-ITN-2014- NOTEDEV project: "Novel Terashertz Devices"

Development of new approaches to bridge the terahertz gap
Budget: 530 k€
Partners: Universities of Durham (Project Leader), Exeter (UK), Université Paris Diderot (Paris-Diderot University), UPJV, FTMC (Lithuania), University of Saint Petersburg (Russia), FZÚ (Czech Republic), University of Iceland,
Alpes Lasers S.A. (Switzerland)

5. Projet Technology innovation institute Emirates arabes Unies: "MoS2 and WS2 based 2d materials for laser source development and detection of polluants " 370 k€
Budget : 118 800 €

Example(s) of publications

1. J. Belhadi, F. Ravaux, M. Jouiad and M. El Marssi : Quantification and Mapping of Elastic Strains in Ferroelectric [BaZrO3]xᴧ/[BaTiO3](1-x)ᴧ Superlattices
Applied Surface Science 512, 145761. 🡭

2. Yurii Tikhonov, Jesi R Maguire, Conor J McCluskey, James PV McConville, Amit Kumar, Haidong Lu, Dennis Meier, Anna Razumnaya, John Martin Gregg, Alexei Gruverman, Valerii M Vinokur, Igor Luk'yanchuk : Polarisation Topology at the Nominally Charged Domain Walls in Uniaxial Ferroelectrics, Advanced Materials 2022 🡭

3. Zouhair Hanani, Ilyasse Izanzar, M’barek Amjoud, Daoud Mezzane, Mohammed Lahcini, Hana Uršič, Uroš Prah, Ismael Saadoune, Mimoun El Marssi, Igor A Luk'yanchuk, Zdravko Kutnjak, Mohamed Gouné: Lead-free nanocomposite piezoelectric nanogenerator film for biomechanical energy harvesting, Nano Energy 81, 105661 (2021) 🡭

4. O Depablos-Rivera, H Bouyanfif, A Zeinert, F Le Marrec, SE Rodil
Synthesis of Bi2SiO5 thin films by confocal dual magnetron sputtering-annealing route
Thin Solid Films 688, 137258 (2019) 🡭

5. A. Sakli, A. Lahmar, D. Gamra, M. Clin, H. Bouchriha, M. Lejeune
Effect of thermal annealing on microstructure and optical properties of silver-carbon nanocomposite thin films
Materialstoday Volume 51, Part 1, 2022, Pages 543-548, 🡭

All publications can be found here : 🡭

Collaborations/Partners/Scientific clients

National : SPMS (cenrtal supelec), LEMA (UMR6157 CNRS/CEA, université François Rabelais, Tours), UDSMM (Université Littoral côte d'Opale), UCCS Artois Unité de Catalyse et de Chimie du Solide (Université d'Artois ), Roberval (Université technologique de Compiègne), MATIM, URCA Reims

International : Université du Québec (Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique, INRS-EMT), University Khalifa (Emirates Arabe Unis), UNIVERSIDAD DE ZARAGOZA (Espagne), NANOTECHCENTER LLC (Ukraine),Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials (ZIAM), University of Groningen (Netherlands), Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Universidade nove de Lisboa - Faculdade de ciencias tecnologia Université Unicamp (Brésil), Institut de Physique de Rostov (Russie), DMPC, Université de Genève (Suisse), Université Caddi Ayyad (Maroc), Université Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar (Sénégal), Université nationale autonome de Mexico (Mexique), Faculté des Sciences de Tunis (Tunisie), Faculté des Sciences de Rabat, université Mohammed 5 (Maroc), Centre National de Recherche (Égypte), Politecnico di Torino (Italie).

Collaborations/Partners/Private Clients

SIDEL (groupe Tetrapak), MERSEN, Cyclam, E-Bourgeois, Railenium, Société OREGE / HP-Invent, Paolo Alto.

Services offers

Services provided

We provide services according to our expertise.

Training offers

X-ray diffraction, Raman spectroscopy, profilometer, electrical measurements (impedances, conductivity, etc.), visible spectroscopy_uv reflection, transmission, optical modelling of coatings and filters.

Consulting services

Energy, ferroic materials, 2D materials.


• Material elaboration devices (thin layers, ceramic mass):
- PLD: deposition by pulsed laser ablation with RHEED
- PVD-Sputtering: deposition by radio-frequency magnetron sputtering
- CVD: capacitive and inductive chemical vapour deposition (tube furnace)

• Numerous characterisation facilities:
- X-ray diffractometer - 4 circles for thin films
- 2 Raman spectrometers with laser in the visible and UV
- UV-visible-N IR spectrophotometer
- FT-IR ATR spectrometer
- AFM : Atomic Force Microscope (Plateforme de Microscopie Électronique de l’UPJV)
- Contact profilometer
- Multipurpose tribology system
- Impedance spectrometer (1Hz-1MHz)
- Polarisation measurements - Electric field P(E)

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