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The platform offers a public animal service of 365m2 for research in Picardy. The accommodation is suitable for the reception of mice and rats in conventional status, SPF or infectious (A2).

For the experimental part, the platform is equipped for surgery, imaging of the small animal and a large panel of behavioral studies.


  • Julie LE BER


rue René Laennec
Centre Universitaire de Recherche en Santé - CURS
80054 AMIENS Cedex 1


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In 2022:

11 APAFiS projects submitted by 4 research teams
26 APAFiS projects in progress, by 8 teams
1200 animals hosted


Effectif total : 3



• 365m2 public pet store for research involving the use of animals in Picardy

• Rat and mouse housing in A1, A2 and SPF

• Surgery (fixed or gaseous anesthesia, stereotaxy, wake-up equipment...)

• Imaging (X-ray, ultrasound, MRI related to PIRMPA, CT-scan related to ICAP)

• Behaviour (open field, rotarod, walking lane, grip test...)

Collaborations/Partners/Scientific clients

National : Unités de recherche de l’UPJV
INERIS, UniLasalle Beauvais, CHU Amiens

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  • Health / wellness
  • Education / Training
  • Science / Research

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Pet accommodation
APAFiS Induction Assistance
Support for experimentation

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Discover the detailed equipment list: 🡭

For the accommodation:
- Zone A1: Nexgen Allentown IVC cages; 2000 mice and 2000 rats housing capacity
- Zone A2: Innovive disposable IVC cages; up to 144 rats or 480 mice
- SPF area: Innovive disposable IVC cages; up to 396 mice
- laundry with bottle washer and cage washer, autoclave
- Quarantine area with ventilated cabinet
- 3 PSM type II for the exchange and handling of animals SPF and A2

For experimentation:
- 2 experimental/surgical rooms equipped with:
- scopes
- small animal respirator
- Isoflurane gas anaesthesia machines
- 1/20 mm mouse and rat stereotaxy frame
- binoculars equipped in cold light
- drills
- blood gas analyser
- Oxygen concentrators;

- 3 imaging rooms
- radiology equipment
- MRI Bruker BioSpec 70/20 USR
- Vevo 3100 Ultrasound
- CT-scan, SkyScan 1176 X-ray Microtomograph
- Photon Imager, Biospace lab

- 3 behavioural rooms
- IR actimeter and ACTITRAC software
- ROTAROD 5 cells, rats / mouse
- grip test
- mouse walking corridor


Nom Modèle Marque
Ventilated racks / IVC Nexgen / Allentown
Gaseous anaesthesia Minihub / station conventionnelle / TemSega
MRI Biospec / Bruker
Echograph Vevo 3100 / Fujifilm


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University of Picardie Jules Verne

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