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Behaviour of materials and surfaces under extreme conditions



Our platform consists of a set of platforms dedicated to the characterization of materials, structures and surfaces under extreme conditions of temperature, loading and rate of deformation and for various materials (metallic, polymers, composites, organic).
In particular, it makes it possible to study the characteristics of the surfaces (topology, mechanical properties, microstructure etc.) at different scales through its Morphomeca platform, the triblogical behavior of these surfaces with the Tribex platform, the behaviour of materials in temperature (Stam platform) and in high deformation speeds (Fast Dynamic Platform) and finally the behaviour of polymer and biological materials on the SoftMat platform.

This plateau allows to cover a very wide range of materials/surfaces at different scales (Microscopic to macroscopic) with specific equipment (Nano indentation, SEM, interferometer, tribometer, microtomograph, Hopkinson bars, ultra-fast camera, fast infra-red thermography,....) and combining the skills of experts.

This plateau is therefore largely associated with academic and industrial research activities. These platforms are part of the DM2SE regional platform and continue their development through the RITMEA project co-funded by the State, the Hauts-de-France region and the PO Féder (2021 - 2027)


  • Franck LAURO
    Scientific manager
  • Philippe MOREAU
    Technical manager


Le Mont Houy
Bâtiment CISIT
59313 VALENCIENNES Cedex 9

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5 platforms



Morphomeca platform: Morphological analysis of surfaces from decimal to nanoscale scales

STAM platform: Characterization of materials at high temperatures

Tribex platform: Friction and wear characterization in extreme conditions

SoftMat platform: Characterization of soft materials and structures (polymers, gel, bone) at different speeds and temperatures

Dynamic Platform: Characterization of the dynamic behaviour of materials and structures up to 5000s-1 from -100°c to 600°c, non-contact measurement by correlation and stereo correlation of images, measurement of temperatures by infra-red dynamic

Example(s) of projects

Characterization of glass fibre-charged polymers for impact (Dynamic Platform), analysis of fiber orientations by microtomography (SoftMat Platform)

Characterization of structural adhesives for crash (Dynamic Platform), DMA viscoelastic characterization (SoftMat Platform), analysis of fractured surface morphology (Morphomeca Platform)

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Université Polytechnique Hauts-de-France (UPHF)

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