• Societal and economic transition & Risk management

The Centre for Administrative, Political and Social Studies and Research (CERAPS)

Research unit - UMR 8026


Our laboratory combines political science, public law and sociology. By articulating these three disciplines, our research addresses public action, political participation and the social and legal regulations of contemporary societies. Working primarily on local institutions and policies, voting and political parties, we have progressively broadened our focus to national, European and international policies and legal orders, health and environmental issues, other forms of political participation than voting (social movements, participatory democracy, media, interest groups, etc.), conflict and post-conflict situations, development aid policies and the uses of new technologies. Conducting research of high scientific quality, the CERAPS is also open to society and works regularly with associations and public authorities, especially local authorities.


  • Françoise De Feraudy
  • Anne-Cécile Douillet


1, place Déliot
Faculté des Sciences Juridiques, Politiques et Sociales, Campus Moulins-Ronchin, Université de Lille
59024 LILLE


The Centre for Administrative, Political and Social Studies and Research


Effectif total : 149

Personnel de recherche : 84

Personnel d'appui à la recherche : 11



• Political Science
• Public law
• Sociology
• Public action
• Political representation
• Militantism
• Mobilizations
• Political parties
• Political participation
• International relations
• International conflicts
• Legal orders
• Local governments
• Health Policy
• Sociology of law
• Discriminations
• New technologies
• Informal politics
• Local government law
• Territorialized behaviors
• Political organizations
• European and international public policies
• New forms of democratic participation

Example(s) of projects

• ANR PWACCOP - Postwar agrarian capitalims. A comparative perspective
• ANR DATAWAR - How do data shape our vision of war? The impact of scientific practices of quantitative conflict analysis on the perceptions of political violence by NGOs, political institutions and the media.
• ANR MIGRINDOM - Migrants from within. State management and collective trajectories of migrants from overseas departments
• ANR GIRAFE: Management of Incidents during Crowd Gatherings
• PIA jeunesse : Innovative projects for youth

Example(s) of publications

• Anna Berka, Magali Dreyfus. Decentralisation and inclusivity in the energy sector: preconditions, impacts and avenues for further research, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 2020.
• Jacobo Grajales. Losing land in times of peace: post-war agrarian capitalism in Colombia and Côte d'Ivoire, The Journal of Peasant Studies, 2021.
• Luis-Roman Arciniega Gil. A legal analysis of complementary and virtual currencies for sustainable economic development, Banking & Financial Services Policy Report, 2020
• Caroline Huyard. Sustainable food education: what food preparation competences are needed to support vegetable consumption?, Environmental Education Research, 2020

Collaborations/Partners/Scientific clients

Saint Joseph University of Beirut (Lebanon), Centre for Research on Social Development and Policy (CPDS) (Canada), CEBES (Spain), International Associate Laboratory (IAL) PRINciPE with the University of Montreal (Canada)

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• Seminars on the protection of personal data.
• Workshop "Digital identifiers"
• Summer school on quantitative methods in social sciences

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  • Societal and economic transition & Risk management