• Health and Nutrition

Technical platform for culinary practices



The culinary practice platform is equipped with all the household appliances for the general public and professionals. The very structure of the premises and the versatility of its facilities have been designed with the aim of carrying out different types of activities and providing scientific and technical support to food manufacturers, players in the catering sector and equipment manufacturers (validation of new dishes, catering offers, new processing concepts, etc.), as well as to health professionals in the "hospital-home" support care networks (studies of the eating behaviour of sick people, etc.) A production area divided into 5 autonomous stations is adjoined by a tasting room.





• Research and innovation in product preparation and processing techniques
• Research and innovation in household appliances
• Preparation of dishes and organoleptic tests in - Translational research on eating behavior in the sick or healthy person.

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Applications sectors

  • Health / wellness
  • Agri-food industry
  • Science / Research


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  • Health and Nutrition
    • Genetics, biomarkers and biomolecules
    • Safe, healthy and sustainable food