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Development and Disability (dvhp)

Research team - ULR 4072


We apply developmental theories to study the typical child and certain neurodevelopmental disorders, but also propose innovative solutions in response to the societal challenges related to the vulnerability and inclusion of people with disabilities. We work on 3 research topics: 1) The "Number" topic relates to the developmental processes underlying numerical cognition and the emergence of calculation disorders (dyscalculia) in children. 2) The "Space" topic covers the typical and atypical development of spatial learning. The goal of our research is to identify the processes and strategies used to orient oneself in the space of wayfinding (spatial navigation). 3) The "Socio-emotional factors" topic addresses the socio-emotional development of children in relation to their different environmental contexts.


  • Yannick Courbois 
    Team leader


Bât A, 3 rue du barreau
Campus Pont de Bois, Université de Lille



Effectif total : 16

Personnel de recherche : 6

Personnel d'appui à la recherche : 2



• Child development
• Learning and learning disabilities
• Digital uses
• Participatory science
• Social inclusion
• Mobility and transport
• Autism

Example(s) of publications

• Danet, M. (2020). Parental concerns about their school-aged children’s use of digital devices. Journal of Child and Family Psychology 🡭
• Fischer, JP., Vilette, B., Joffredo-Lebrun, S. et al. Should we continue to teach standard written algorithms for the arithmetical operations? The example of subtraction. Educ Stud Math 101, 105–121 (2019) 🡭
• Jacquey, L., Popescu, S. T., Vergne, J., Fagard, J., Esseily, R., & O’Regan, K. (2020). Development of body knowledge as measured by arm differentiation in infants: From global to local?. British Journal of Developmental Psychology, 38(1), 108-124 🡭
• Gouzien-Desbiens, A., & Mengue-Topio, H. (2020). Effet de l’hétérorégulation sur l’autonomie des élèves avec Déficience intellectuelle légère en situation d’apprentissage et d’examen. Revue francophone de la Déficience Intellectuelle 🡭
• "Courbois, Y., Mengue-Topio, H., Blades, M., Farran, E. K., & Sockeel, P. (2019). Description of routes in people With Intellectual disability. American journal on intellectual and developmental disabilities, 124(2), 116-130 🡭

See the full list of our publications here.

Collaborations/Partners/Scientific clients

Université polytechnique Hauts de France, Université Catholique de Lille, Université de Paris 8, Université de Paris, Université de Bourgogne

Université du Kent (UK), University of Surrey (UK); University of California at Berkeley (USA), Arizona State University, University of Michigan, Université de Genève (Switzerland), Université de Fribourg (Switzerland), Babes-Bolyai University (Romania), University of Mons (Belgium), Utrecht University (Netherlands), Sapienza University of Rome (Italy)

Collaborations/Partners/Private Clients

Centre Ressource Autisme, UDAPEI 62, UDAPEI 59, Fundation Eovi-MCD

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