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Transformation and Agroressources Unit (Artois University site) (UTA)

Research unit - ULR 7519


The activity of the UT&A unit focuses on the exploitation of organic matter from non-food agricultural production and agricultural and agri-food co-products in innovative molecules and materials since extraction, characterization, formulation and/or modulation of properties by an eco-responsible chemistry. The targeted fields of application are commodities (surfactants, additives, dyes, pigments, biopesticides, etc.), materials (plastics, concretes, composites) and biological applications (anti-oxidants, anti-microbials, etc.).


  • Patrick Martin


1230 Rue de l'Université
IUT de Béthune


Transformation and Agroressources Unit (Artois University site)


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Personnel de recherche : 6

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• Use of plant biomass
• Biosourced chemistry
• Extraction, characterization, modulation of properties via sustainable chemistry or enzyme-coupling chemistry
• Chemistry of biomolecules and biopolymers
• Ecodesign of bio-based products

Example(s) of projects

• Abiobat project, Stimulant Hauts-de-France; design of a biosourced foam insulation
• Debiothy project, Startaiir Hauts-de-France, PLA hydrophobic mudulation
• Bioscreen project, Interreg France-Wallonie-Flandres, biopesticide design

Example(s) of publications

1) M. Morillo, J. Rojas, V. Lequart, A. Lamarti, P. Martin. (2020). Natural and Synthetic Derivatives of the Steroidal Glycoalkaloids of SolanumGenus and Biological Activity. Natural Products Chemistry & Research, 8(1), 1-14.

2) M. Robineau, S. Le Guenic, L. Sanchez, L. Chaveriat, V. Lequart, N. Joly, M. Calonne, C. Jacquard, S. Declerck, P. Martin, S. Dorey, E. Ait Barka. (2020). Synthetic Mono-Rhamnolipids Display Direct Antifungal Effects and Trigger an Innate Immune Response in Tomato against Botrytis Cinerea. Molecules, 25, 3108.

3) L. Duchatel-Crépy, N. Joly, P. Martin, A. Marin, J.-F. Tahon, J.-M. Lefebvre, V. Gaucher. (2020). Substitution degree and fatty chain length influence on structure and properties of Fatty Acid Cellulose esters. Carbohydrate Polymers,
234, 115912.

4) R. Alayoubi, N. Mehmood, E. Husson, A. Kouzayha, M.Tabcheh, L. Chaveriat, C. Sarazin, I. Gosselin. (2020). Low temperature ionic liquid pretreatment of lignocellulosic biomass to enhance bioethanol yield. Renewable Energy, 145, 1808-1816.

5) N. Joly, K. Souidi, D. Depraetere, D. Wils, P. Martin. (2021). Potato By-Products as a Source of Natural Chlorogenic Acids and Phenolic Compounds: Extraction, Characterization and Antioxidant Capacity. Molecules, 26, 177.

6) J. Rojas, G. M.-A. Ndong Ntoutoume, P. Martin, M. Morillo. (2021). Antibacterial activity and reversal of multidrug resistance of tumor cells by essential oils from fresh leaves, flowers and stems of Mon-tanoa quadrangularis Schultz Bipontinus (Asteraceae) collected in Mérida-Venezuela. Biomolecules, 11, 605.

Collaborations/Partners/Scientific clients

National : UniLaSalle, UPJV, ULCO, Lille, URCA, Ensait, Escom, UTC

International : Italie (U Salenato), RU (Hull), Roumanie (Timisoara, Oradea), Maroc (Rabat, Tétouan, Kénitra), Tunisie (Tunis, Bizerte), Argentine (Cordoba), USA (Purdue)

Collaborations/Partners/Private Clients

Chambre Agriculture, CABBALR, EuraIndustryInnov, B4C, Cosmetic Valley, Team2, Euramaterials, Plastium, VEOS, Laboheme, Treffert, Roquette

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  • Agriculture
  • Chemistry / Plastics (Glue, Plastic, Rubber...)
  • Cosmetics
  • Science / Research
  • Packaging
  • Textile / clothing industry

Services provided

Services in line with our competences therefore in relation to the valorisation of plant biomass or in relation to green inputs to 100% petro-sourced compounds.

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  • Bioeconomy
    • Biobased chemistry
    • Biobased materials
    • High-performance and sustainable buildings
    • Processes applied to the bioeconomy
    • Sustainable production and mobilization of bioresources
  • Chemistry and Materials
    • Circular economy, life cycle analysis
    • Green chemistry
    • Organic chemistry
    • Recycling of materials and efficient use of material resources
    • Textiles, composites, materials