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Economic and Financial Flows (LEM)

Research team - UMR 9221


Research in this area focuses on flows in the broad sense, whether of goods, capital or persons. They are structured around four complementary themes: (i) the international economy, (ii) financial risk management in markets and financial institutions, (iii) corporate finance and (iv) economic analysis of migration and population dynamics.
The first theme contains analyses related to European integration, the definition and consequences of macroeconomic policies, the organisation and determinants of international trade and capital flows. In the second theme, which brings together work in economics and management, the analyses focus on the functioning of financial and money markets, and on portfolio financial risk analyses. The third theme brings together econometric analyses of corporate finance and their governance. The fourth theme focuses on the theoretical and empirical analysis of population dynamics, both in time and space. We are open to all academic and industrial collaborations and offer training and services related to our expertise.



Université de Lille, Campus Cité scientifique, Bâtiment SH2




International macroeconomics
Operation of financial and monetary markets
Capital structures of firms
Migration economy

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Analysis of the functioning of financial and monetary markets
Portfolio risk analysis
Analysis of the capital structures of firms, their financing methods, the constraints related to these financing methods and their impact on the pricing of credits

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