• Societal and economic transition & Risk management

Management & Organization (LEM)

Research team - UMR 9221


Characterized by a broad openness to the humanities and social sciences, this axis is at the crossroads of several disciplines, including research in management sciences, management, organizational theory and sociology. It is structured around the (i) ethical and social responsibility issues of organizations, including reflections on sustainable development, (ii) innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as intra-entrepreneurship, (iii) organization of work and management of information systems, including the analysis of organizational transformation processes and work practices. Cross-analysis of these issues opens up many perspectives on how organizations, through their strategy or culture, develop socially and economically responsible practices. We are open to all academic and industrial collaborations and offer training and services related to our expertise.


  • Aurélie Leclercq-Vandelannoitte


Université de Lille, Campus Cité scientifique, Bâtiment SH2




Ethics and corporate social responsibility
Evolution of managerial and work practices
Sociological and/or economic challenges of organizational dynamics

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  • Science / Research

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Development of new business models to contribute to the resolution of social issues in a sustainable and responsible manner.
Analysis of the social, political, spatio-temporal, material and historical dimensions of the evolution of managerial and work practices.

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  • Societal and economic transition & Risk management