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Cell Plasticity and Cancer (CANTHER)

Research team - UMR9020 CNRS – UMR1277 Inserm


The main objective of our team is to decipher the molecular mechanisms of cancer cell plasticity governing resistance to therapies for breast cancer and pediatric glioma. Our project combines proteomics and epigenomics, the study of the reprogramming of cancer stem cells, models of transgenic mice in vivo and zebrafish, artificial intelligence in oncogenomics and cellular regulation networks. In collaboration with physicists, we have developed microsystems (MEMS) to characterize the mechanical properties of individual cells, as well as microfluidic systems for studying the plasticity and disseminating capabilities of cells. Through this fundamental and translational research, our ultimate goal is to discover new markers and/or therapeutic targets, and to propose innovative therapeutic strategies for the treatment of breast cancer and child glioma.


  • Xuefen Le Bourhis


1 Place de Verdun, Bâtiment Cancer
Université de Lille
59045 LILLE




• Breast cancer
• Breast cancer metastases
• Pediatric gliomas
• Cell plasticity
• Resistance to treatment
• Mechanisms of resistance to therapy and metastasis of breast cancer

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