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Interface Processes and Hygiene of Materials

Research team - UMR 8207


Our team studies the phenomena at the interfaces responsible for the contamination of agro-industrial surfaces (food and microorganisms). The aim of the research is to limit the formation of deposits on the surface of agro-industrial equipment and to improve the procedures for cleaning/disinfection of surfaces in the agro-food industries. The aims are first of all the establishment of preventive and curative strategies to ensure the sanitary quality of the processed products and the hygiene of the surfaces used in the food processing.


  • Guillaume Delaplace
    Assistant director


Université de Lille, Campus Cité Scientifique, Bâtiment C6




• Properties of fouling structures and environmental conditions that may affect their ability to contaminate surfaces,
• The properties of materials affecting the formation or removal of deposits,
• Process dynamics at the interfaces (kinetics of adhesion and disengagement of contaminant species, adhesion/cohesion of deposits during the process, etc.).
• Non-stick/antibacterial material design,
• The design of equipment whose geometry limits adhesion and/or promotes the removal of soiling,
• The implementation of innovative processes and processing lines producing few potentially dirty compounds),
• The implementation of eco-efficient transformation-cleaning-disinfection procedures 5) the design of food with controlled functionality.

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