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Dedicated to the hosting, evaluation and validation of agricultural innovations, the Institute's agronomic platform has all the tools and methods, as well as the human resources and expertise, needed to invent the agricultural practices of tomorrow. With nearly 60 hectares of agricultural land exclusively dedicated to open field experiments (micro- and meso-plots as well as "producer" plots), the platform also has approximately 350 hectares of available agricultural land on the two farms on which it depends. At the same time, recent infrastructures allow experimentation in controlled conditions and confined environment.



19 rue Pierre Waguet
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For more than 30 years, this platform has hosted numerous experimental and research projects in the fields of crop varietal improvement, economic and environmental optimization of technical itineraries and, more recently, the adaptation of cropping systems to global climate change and the improvement of their ecological and landscape footprint. The development of this agronomic tool is part of the global competitiveness cluster Industry and Agro-Resources (IAR). Thus, the platform will become a privileged site for innovation in the production and adaptation of green biomass and energy for agricultural and agro-industrial partners (integrated project of "Farm of the Future").

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