• Bioeconomy
  • Chemistry and Materials
  • Digital World and Robotics
  • Energy and Environment
  • Health and Nutrition

Electron Microscopy Platform (PME)



The objectives of the platform are to:

• Provide high-tech electron microscopy equipment to public and private sector researchers and engineers

• Provide users with the expertise of the existing team

• Initiate or train in electron microscopy studies

• Develop microscopy research through innovative experiments insitu


  • Loïc DUPONT
  • Arash JAMALI



• Observation and characterization of all types of materials (including active material and battery electrodes, even when sensitive to air, and biological samples), in a SEM or MET

• Conduct and observation of in situ measurements (including batteries during cycling and biological activities) in a SEM or MET

• Development of advanced electron microscopy analysis and data processing techniques and methods

• Development and optimization of commercial accessories for electron microscopy

• Reverse engineering

Example(s) of projects

NAIADES European project for the analysis of positive (NVPF) and negative (hard carbon) electrode materials for sodium ion battery 🡭

CASSIOPES ANR Project for Material Analysis (LNMO) of Micro-Batteries Manufactured in ALD 🡭

ANR DELIREDOX project for the analysis of Li-rich lamellar oxide materials for high-capacity electrodes 🡭

Collaborations/Partners/Scientific clients

National: UPJV teams of the Science and Health pole, UTC, Polytechnique Palaiseau, ISMC Bordeaux, CNRS, RS2E, ALISTORE, SFR Condorcet

Collaborations/Partners/Private Clients

SAFT, EDF, UNIROSS, UMICORE, INERIS, ARKEMA, RHODIA, AMN, Renault, PSA, Valeo, General Motors, Carbone Lorraine, Alstom

Services offers

Services provided

We provide services according to our expertise

Training offers

Initiation/ training in electron microscopy

Consulting services

We provide consulting services according to our expertise


All our equipments can be found listed here: 🡭


Nom Modèle Marque
Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) Quanta 200 FEG / Thermo Fisher Scientific
Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) HRTEM-Tecnai F20 / Thermo Fisher Scientific
X-ray Energy Dispersion Microanalysis (EDX) (SEM and TEM) Xflash et X-Max / Oxford ins (TEM), Bruker (TEM)
EELS Energy Loss Spectroscopy (TEM) GIF / Gatan
Micromanipulators (Microinjection, Microindentation, Low current measurment) (MEB) KleinDiek Nanotechnik / KleinDiek Nanotechnik
Ultra (cryo) microtome and diamond knives RMC/ RMC
PME - Metallizer Baltec-SCD 050 / Baltec
Diamond saw WELL / WELL
Precision Ion Polishing System (PIPS) Gatan/ Gatan


Affiliated institutions / organisations

University of Picardie Jules Verne

Partner institution(s)

Artois University
Université du Littoral Côte d'Opale (ULCO)
L’Institut de Chimie de Picardie (ICP)


Competitive cluster

Regional strategic areas of activity

  • Bioeconomy
    • Animal feed - feed
    • Biobased chemistry
    • Biobased materials
    • High-performance and sustainable buildings
    • Processes applied to the bioeconomy
    • Sustainable production and mobilization of bioresources
  • Chemistry and Materials
    • Circular economy, life cycle analysis
    • Coatings and surface treatments
    • Green chemistry
    • Industrial processes engineering, efficient processes
    • Organic chemistry
    • Recycling of materials and efficient use of material resources
    • Textiles, composites, materials
  • Digital World and Robotics
    • Artificial intelligence, image processing, data science
    • Digital modeling, digital twins, data visualization
    • Internet of things, cloud computing and big data
  • Energy and Environment
    • Biodiversity
    • Efficient and sustainable buildings (eco-construction, eco-renovation)
    • Energy efficiency and storage
    • Low-carbon combustion (biofuels, hydrogen, new technologies)
    • Observation, monitoring and management of the environment
    • Renewable energies
    • Smart grids
  • Health and Nutrition
    • Food ingredients
    • Genetics, biomarkers and biomolecules
    • Safe, healthy and sustainable food