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Integrated Transformation of Renewable Matter (TIMR)

Research unit - UMR-TIMR UTC-ESCOM


The TIMR research unit is positioned in a convergence of the practices and knowledge of Process Engineering and Chemistry towards an objective of valorization of agro-resources and in a sustainable development strategy. Through its activities, it is part of the Bioeconomy For Change Cluster. The general objectives are:
- Design and optimize efficient, clean and safe products and processes
- Advancing the knowledge front by confronting scientific advances and knowledge with industry expertise and expectations
- Developing and asserting scientific knowledge, through appropriate methods, models, parameters, tools and processes to link basic knowledge with usage properties, for multi-scale application areas, and by responding to the needs of socioeconomic actors;economic in a global context of research of material economy and sustainable preservation of the environment
- Develop instrumentation, sensors and parameters for real-time monitoring of chemical reactions and processes of development and transformation.


  • Isabelle Pezron


Rue du docteur Schweitzer



Effectif total : 90

Personnel de recherche : 85



• Characterization, monitoring of microbial activities in complex natural and industrial environments, and control of bioprocesses through a multidisciplinary approach
• Thermal and thermochemical material conversion processes, complex flows, process optimization, minimization of environmental impacts, industrial risk control
• Mastery of the behaviour of complex dispersed systems in implementation and formatting processes, phenomena at interfaces, behavioural properties of divided solids
• Alternative techniques for synthesis of new molecules from biomass, clean and economical synthesis processes, valorisation of biomolecules and bio-based materials
• Mastery of biomolecules extraction and separation processes, implementation of unconventional physical transformations, emerging transfer intensification processes

Example(s) of projects

• Mocopée: metrology applied to water purification, modelling of the functioning of purification processes, control of treatment processes and the emergence of innovative concepts in the field of sanitation

• Algues4Biomethane: test in real conditions the best solutions identified to eventually produce a competitive renewable gas based on co-management algae/ agricultural substrate or any other process of conversion into gas

• FuRAlk: study the production of tetrahydrofurfuryl alcohol ethers from the furfural key synthon from biomass
• Valantiox: to enhance, for food and pharmaceutical uses, the antioxidant potential of low water-soluble polyphenols derived from the transformation of agro-resources, by formulating solid dispersions to improve their bioavailability.
• SENSAS: Substitution of siliconate derivatives by vegetable biomolecules
• VEGEPHY: Formulation, development and implementation of vegetable oil emulsion for the phytosanitary treatment of field crops
• CALIPER (Marie Skłodowska-Curie programme): Training experimental and computational experts in the development of innovative granular materials calibration methods

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UniLaSalle, Université Picardie Jules Verne, INERIS, Universidad de Valencia, National Academy of Sciences in Ukraine, Université de Lorraine, Université de Lille, Institut Charles Viollette, Centrale Lille, Université d'Artois, Université Saint Joseph de Beyrouth, Københavns Universitet, Max Rubner-Institut (Allemagne), Shiraz University of medical Sciences, INRAE, Chaire CentraleSupélec, ChaireABI, AgroParisTech...

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Areva, groupe Avril, Maguin, L’Oréal, Nestlé, PCAS, PSA, Saint Gobain, Sanofi, SIAPP, Sofralab, Solvay, Tereos, Veolia, Weylchem, PIVERT, Aaqius, Metarom, CCL, Cultimer, CEA, CETIM, IFPEN, INERIS, ITERG, Terres Inovia, GRTgaz

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  • Chemistry and Materials
    • Circular economy, life cycle analysis
    • Coatings and surface treatments
    • Green chemistry
    • Industrial processes engineering, efficient processes
    • Organic chemistry
    • Recycling of materials and efficient use of material resources
    • Textiles, composites, materials
  • Energy and Environment
    • Energy efficiency and storage