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The Center for Judicial History (CHJ)

Research unit - UMR 8025


The Center for Judicial History develops its scientific activity in the field of history of justice from the Ancien Régime to the present day. Institutions, judicial professions, sources of law and its codification, methods of conflict resolution, delinquency, penalties and prisons, the evolution of labor law, the place of justice in the colonial policies of the great Western powers, and the development of business law and commercial justice are some of the themes that we are interested in. Our research is structured around the generic theme of "Norms and Practices" divided into four main axes: Institutional and Procedural Norms and Practices; Commercial Norms and Practices; Social Norms and Practices; and Penal and Prison Norms and Practices. We also study the implementation of legal norms by the justice system, but also the influence that practice may have had on the definition or adaptation of norms.


  • Serge Dauchy
  • Sophie Deroubaix


1 place Déliot
Faculté des Sciences Juridiques, Politiques et Sociales, Campus Moulins-Ronchin, Université de Lille
59000 LILLE


The Center for Judicial History


Effectif total : 56

Personnel de recherche : 23

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• History of justice
• History of commercial and business law
• History of social law
• History of criminal and prison law
• History of judicial law
• History of international law
• History of Law
• Relationships between the law, the judiciary and litigants
• Analysis of archival sources
• Digital Humanities

Example(s) of projects

• Opinion and the judicial system: modes and practices of judicial and extrajudicial argumentation, from the Middle Ages to the present day 🡭
• Argumentation at the heart of the judicial process, from the Middle Ages to the present day 🡭
• Legal journals in Europe (19th-21st centuries). What legal, political and cultural issues? 🡭

Example(s) of publications

• Gouvernance, Justice et Santé 🡭
• Pour une histoire européenne du droit des affaires : comparaisons méthodologiques et bilans historiographiques 🡭
• Historia del derecho y abogacía. Histoire du droit et de la profession d'avocat. 🡭

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Collaborations/Partners/Scientific clients

National :
Archives départementales du Nord, Archives nationales du monde du travail, Centre international de recherche de l'Historial de la Grande Guerre, Archives nationales d'outre-mer, Criminocorpus, Ius illuminatum, ENAP, ENPJJ, ENM, Droit et changement social UMR 6296, Institut d'Histoire du Droit UMR 7184, Centre Aquitain d'Histoire du droit

International :
oundations of European Law and Polity d'Helsinki (Finland), Uppsala University (Sweden), Gesellschaft für Reichskammergerichts-forschung de Wetzlar (Germany), Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität am Main (Germany), UCLouvain Saint-Louis Brussels (Belgium), Instituut voor Rechtsgeschiedenis de Gand (Belgium), Instituto de Investigaciones Juridicas de l’UNAM (Mexico), Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (Spain), Florida International University of Miami (USA), Université de Sherbrooke (Canada), Université Alassane-Ouattara (Ivory Coast)

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• Methodology and analysis of ancient sources.

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We have a library with more than 1,000 books, 150 theses, 400 dissertations, various sources, journals and bibliographies and a collection of rare and diverse old collections.

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    • Public and European policies
    • Resilience, risk factors and fragility
    • Societal issues, employment, inclusion, social innovation