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Center for Research “Individuals, Experiences, Societies”

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Our research is focused on the theoretical perspective of a sociology of individual trials and journeys, considered in their sociohistorical dimension. The unit is currently organized around three main thematic axes ("Ages, entourage", "Health, Vulnerabilities" and "Cities, Citizenship") as well as two transversal axes ("Sociology of trials and life courses" and "Sociohistorical approaches"). More specifically, we study juvenile socialization, child sociability, the effects of aging and illness, intergenerational relations, age discrimination, as well as historical transformations and contemporary forms of political and civic participation. We are also interested in the effects of "challenges" that all individuals in a given society are successively confronted with. We also develop a sociology that maintains close links with history in order to shed light on the contemporary phenomena studied in the light of the past to better understand the evolutions and the emergence of new challenges.


  • Michel Castra
  • Brittany Williams


3 Rue du Barreau, Bâtiment B
Campus Pont-de-Bois, Université de Lille


Center for Research “Individuals, Experiences, Societies”


Effectif total : 51

Personnel de recherche : 28



• Ages, entourage (effects of aging, youth socialization, child sociability, situations of dependence or disability, intergenerational relationships, age discrimination)
• Health, Vulnerabilities (social dimensions of illness, health issues, medical screening, organ harvesting and transplants, mental health, poor children, elderly people with Alzheimer's disease, palliative care)
• Cities, Citizenship (politics and collective action in "societies of individuals", historical transformations and contemporary forms of political and citizen participation, participation in city policy mechanisms, citizen involvement)
• Sociology of trials and life courses (experience of school work, political commitment, illness or old age, tensions that individuals undergo)
• Sociohistorical approaches (sociology informed by history, historical transformations)

Example(s) of projects

• INSERM LIP3SM Project - Psychic interventions in mental health care services: Permanencies, hybdridations, and innovations" (2017-2021)
• ISITE EVEREST Project - The Experience of Vulnerability in the Covid-19 Epidemic. Investigations on the Recompositions of Knowledge and Solidarities (2021)
• Overcoming Cystic Fibrosis Project - The Socialization to Lung Transplantation of Cystic Fibrosis Patients - A Qualitative Sociology Study of a Journey of Self Transformation. (2019-2021)
• ISITE MESCALEROS project - Metamorphoses of the ecological question. Cartographie raisonnée des mobilisations écologiques en Hauts-de-France (2021)
• ANR ELVIS Project - Longitudinal Study on Aging and Social Inequalities (2020-2024)

Example(s) of publications

• Carine Guérandel. Le sport fait mâle : La fabrique des filles et des garçons dans les cités. PUG, 2016. 🡭
• Philippe Cardon, Thomas Depecker, Marie Plessz. Sociologie de l'alimentation. Armand Colin, pp.240, 2019, U: Sociologie, 9782200621049. 🡭
• Éric Marlière. Banlieues sous tensions. Insurrections ouvrières, révoltes urbaines, nouvelles radicalités, Paris, coll. Recherche et Transformation sociale, L'Harmattan, 2019. 🡭
• Mireille Razafindrakoto, François Roubaud, Jean-Michel Wachsberger. L’énigme et le paradoxe : économie politique de Madagascar. IRD Éditions/AFD, pp.283, 2017. 🡭
• Lise Demailly, Nadia Garnoussi. Aller mieux. Approches sociologiques. Presses universitaires du Septentrion, 2016. 🡭 Découvrez la liste complète des publications ici.

Collaborations/Partners/Scientific clients

Paris Descartes University, Paris 8 University, University of Tours

Oxford University (UK), Federal University of Minas Gerais (Brazil)

Collaborations/Partners/Private Clients

• These Cifre - Changes in child protection, between permanent norms and injunctions to change: towards a new "social economy"? - Group of partner associations
• L'Association Vaincre la mucoviscidose - The socialization of cystic fibrosis patients to lung transplantation: A qualitative sociological study of a path of self-transformation
• European Climate Foundation - To analyse the motives of the participants in the climate marches and demonstrations

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• Sociological surveys
• Qualitative sociological studies
• Comparative studies
• Longitudinal studies
• Sociohistorical approaches

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  • Societal and economic transition & Risk management
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    • Resilience, risk factors and fragility
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