• Bioeconomy
  • Chemistry and Materials
  • Digital World and Robotics
  • Energy and Environment
  • Transport and Mobility




Tech3E is a technology platform dedicated to the environment and energy efficiency. Its objective is to provide research, development and innovation services to businesses. The platform is built around the activities of the 4 research laboratories of the University of Artois site in Béthune : The Laboratory of Computer Engineering and Automatic Artois (LGI2A) - The Laboratory of Civil Engineering and Geo-Environment (LGCgE) - Laboratory of Electrotechnical and Environmental Systems (LSEE)


  • Raphaël ROMARY
  • Juliette Marrant-Defebvin
    Technical manager


Techno Parc Futura
rue Gérard Philippe



Effectif total : 2



Chemistry; Synthesis; Molecular extraction; Materials; Agromaterials; Civil engineering; Geomaterials; Phase change materials; Multi-scale modeling and characterization of coupled problems;Innovative materials; Concrete and composite materials; Habitat and smart city; Electrical Machines; Electrical Machine Sizing; Electrical Insulation Systems (Partial Discharge, Breakdown, ...); Multi-stressed Aging for the Development of Predictive Models; Diagnosis of Electrical and Mechanical Defects;Magnetic Materials; Machine Reliability; Instrumentation; Simulation; Decision Support; Automation; Computer Science; Complex Systems; Belief Function; Information Fusion

Services offers

Applications sectors

  • Construction / Architecture / Urban planning / Real Estate
  • Energy
  • Automotive industry
  • Materials (Metal, Glass, Ceramic, Composite...)
  • Automation, machinery / Robotics
  • Science / Research

Services provided

Civil Engineering
• Characterization, development and sustainability of eco-materials for construction
• Development of multi-physical performance eco-materials
• Mechanical characterization of materials (compression/bending)
• Valorisation of industrial and agricultural co-products
• Limiting the environmental footprint of materials
• Building envelope and environmental management
• NDT thermal characterization and heat transfer study
• Thermophysical characterization (hygrothermal transfers)
• Characterization of materials for acoustics
• In-situ instrumentation for thermal and energy performance monitoring: thermal comfort measurement, air quality measurement, energy behaviour monitoring

Automation and IT Division
• Supply chain design and management
• Optimization of vehicle tours
• Road traffic control
• Scheduling and planning optimization
• Optimisation of flows in a warehouse
• Hospital logistics optimization
• Processing information under uncertainty
• Robust control (robots, vehicles, etc.)
• Optimization of service activities

Electrical machinery pole
• Electrical equipment energy and acoustic efficiency
• Characterization of magnetic materials
• Performance evaluation of electrical machines
• Defect analysis
• Motor acoustic noise measurement
• Structural reliability of electrical equipment
• Characterization of multi-stress wire insulation
• SIE test of motors and transformers
• Production of yarn samples isolated by atypical materials
• Sizing of “high temperature” electrical machines

Consulting services

We provide consulting services on all our skills



Nom Modèle Marque
Ultra fast camera
Engine load bank
Semi-anechoic room
Infrared camera
Tomograph Nikon
Particle image velocimeter
epstein HT frames EESL
Planar/plane tribometer LGCgE
Partial Discharge Measurement ICM Compact/ Megger - Power Diagnostix
Photomultiplier R943-2/ Hamamatsu


Affiliated institutions / organisations

Artois University

Unit(s) of attachment

Competitive cluster

Regional strategic areas of activity

  • Bioeconomy
    • Biobased chemistry
    • High-performance and sustainable buildings
  • Chemistry and Materials
    • Circular economy, life cycle analysis
    • Recycling of materials and efficient use of material resources
    • Textiles, composites, materials
  • Digital World and Robotics
    • Advanced production systems, industrial maintenance
    • Artificial intelligence, image processing, data science
    • Digital modeling, digital twins, data visualization
    • Robotics, cobotics, Human-Machine interaction
  • Energy and Environment
    • Circular economy
    • Efficient and sustainable buildings (eco-construction, eco-renovation)
    • Energy efficiency and storage
    • Smart grids
    • Sustainable cities
  • Transport and Mobility
    • Access to mobility, travel modes
    • Decarbonized vehicles, electromobility
    • Multi-modality, flow management, infrastructure and logistics
    • Robustness and reliability