• Energy and Environment
  • Societal and economic transition & Risk management
  • Transport and Mobility

Laboratory of Physico-Chemistry of the Atmosphere (LPCA)

Research unit - UR 4493


The laboratory carries out basic and applied research, in physics and chemistry, to better understand the impact of human activities on the environment, particularly in the area of the atmosphere.
The LPCA is organized into two themes:
1- Physico-Molecular Chemistry and Instrumentation
2- Support for Environmental Transitions


  • Gaël Mouret


189A avenue Maurice Schumann
Maison de a Recherche en Environnement Industriel Maison de a Recherche en Environnement Industriel 2
59140 Dunkerque


Laboratory of Physico-Chemistry of the Atmosphere


Effectif total : 61

Personnel de recherche : 22

Personnel d'appui à la recherche : 8



• Analysis of gaseous compounds by infrared and terahertz spectrometry
• Air pollution and atmospheric dynamics analysis
• Modelling of transport, dispersion and chemistry of tropospheric pollutants
• Synthesis, characterization of inorganic materials (chalcogenide glasses, etc.) and associated applications (energy storage, etc.)
• Physico-chemical characterization of particles released into the environment
• Development of chemical sensors for environmental and industrial process control
• Development of new optical techniques for on-site gas testing and/or analysis
• Remote Sensing Air Pollution (LIDAR) Studies and Sensor Network
• Photo-inscription in glassy materials
• CV reactivity in atmospheric simulation chamber

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Collaborations/Partners/Scientific clients

• Universities : Lille, Orsay, Créteil, Dijon, Nice, Bordeaux, Rennes
• Institutes : Synchrotron SOLEIL, ESRF, ONERA, IMT

China : AIOFM; Russia : Moscow, St Petersburg, Tomsk Universities; Japan : Kyoto, Tokoshima Universities; USA : JPL Pasadenas, Harvard Smithonian; Europe : Radboud-NL, Cork-IRL, Padova-IT, Köln-DE, Gand-B

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• Neutron scattering, diffractometry X
• Spectrometry: Mössbauer, absorption (FTIR, THz, millimeter)
• SEM-GEF-TSEM electron microscopy
• Techniques for analyzing regulated pollutants, VOCs and aerosols
• Frequency comb and femtosecond laser
• Lasers, optical and opto-electronic techniques
• LIDAR remote sensing (aerosols, Doppler), SODAR and RADAR
• Micro-meteorology, 3D ultrasonic anemometry
• Photo-inscription in glassy materials
• Atmospheric simulation chamber.


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Regional strategic areas of activity

  • Energy and Environment
    • Observation, monitoring and management of the environment
  • Societal and economic transition & Risk management
    • Industrial and territorial ecology
  • Transport and Mobility
    • Reduction of pollution and energy consumption