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Lille In vivo Imaging and Functional Exploration (LIIFE)



Our platform brings together resources and expertise in in-vivo imaging in humans and rodents, and in behavioral analysis of rodents. We offer tools for the cross-sectional study of a wide range of pathologies, particularly in neurological and psychiatric diseases. We propose both harmonization of advanced MRI sequences between the Rodent and Human platforms, as well as signal analysis methods, allowing users to benefit from advanced techniques, such as brain connectivity analysis, morphometry, magnetic susceptibility quantification, automatic segmentation tools, as well as artificial intelligence techniques. We are open to academic and industrial collaborations.


  • Renaud Lopes
    Technical manager
  • Jean-Pierre Pruvo


1 place de Verdun
Faculté de médecine, Pôle recherche
59000 LILLE


Chiffres clés

• 80 projects / year, including 15 industrial
• 30 users / year
• 2 500 imaging exams performed / year
• 20 publications / year


Effectif total : 21



• In-vivo imaging
• Behavioral and functional analysis
• MRI imaging
• Morphological exploration of organs by MRI
• Evaluation of rodent physiopathological models
• Brain connectivity
• Morphometry
• Magnetic susceptibility
• Artificial intelligence
• Data processing and computer tools related to imaging

Example(s) of projects

• Post-stroke cognitive impairment 🡭
• Cognitive impairment in the mouse model 🡭

Collaborations/Partners/Scientific clients

Centre de recherche en automatique de Nancy (CRAN), CHU Amiens, CHU Bordeaux, Hôpital fondation Rotschild, CRMBM Marseille, NeuroSpin Paris

Collaborations/Partners/Private Clients

CATI Paris, General Electric, Philips

Services offers

Applications sectors

  • Biotechnology
  • Health / wellness
  • Science / Research

Services provided

Rodent platform
• Quantification of biological phenomena by relaxometry, diffusion and MR spectroscopy
• Morphological exploration of organs by MRI
• Data processing and development of IT tools related to preclinical medical imaging

Human platform
• Highlighting the structural organization of the brain:
- volume and surface analysis, morphometry
- mapping of diffusion/tractography imaging
- perfusion imaging
• Extraction of functional organization:
- task-specific activation
- brain at rest: brain networks, functional connectome
• Statistical analysis, data processing and development of computer tools (statistics, signal processing or artificial intelligence) related to imaging

Consulting services

We provide consulting services related to all our areas of expertise.


We possess a wide range of equipment regrouped within the rodent and human platforms:
• 7T MRI (Diffusion tensor, ASL and T1 perfusion, T1 and T2 relaxometry...)
• a small animal micro-PET-CT that offers the possibility to perform PET imaging coupled with CT in rodents using a fluorinated radiotracer (FDG, FDOPA)
• behavioural and functional exploration platform, allowing the evaluation of rodent pathophysiological models for cognitive abilities, motor disorders, and anxiety/depression traits
• 3T MRI dedicated to the research in the Lille University Hospital
• 128 channel EGI's MR-compatible EEG Systems
• ESys fMRI System with complex experimental paradigm in functional imaging
• Cluster 176 CPU Cores 470 Gb RAM that supports the entire imaging data analysis computation in an optimal way

See the detailed list of equipment here: http://www.ci2c.fr/facilities_precli.php


Nom Modèle Marque
Micro MRI 7T rodent
MRI 0.2T large mammal Hitachi medical systems
MRI 3T clinical research
128 channel EGI's MR-compatible EEG Systems
ESys fMRI System
Wireless EEG system for mouse
Behavioral test arenas
MicroPET-CT Rodent


Affiliated institutions / organisations

CHU de Lille

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