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Laser Assisted Therapies and Immunotherapies for Oncology (OncoThAI)

Research unit - U 1189


The activity of our unit is focused on the research and use of photo-dynamic therapy (PDT) for the treatment of certain cancers in therapeutic impasse. We draw on recognized expertise in medical imaging, simulation, treatment modelling and planning, and design, manufacturing and clinical evaluation of medical light devices to develop the technologies necessary for the implementation of PDT in human clinics. We also characterize the effects of PDT, used alone or in combination with conventional treatments, on the regulation of immune response. Open to both the industrial and academic worlds, we propose to meet your needs whatever your project.



1, avenue Oscar Lambret
Campus Santé, Université de Lille
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Laser Assisted Therapies and Immunotherapies for Oncology


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• Medical imaging
• Multimodality imaging
• Interventional imaging
• Medical lasers and photomedicine
• Photodynamic therapy (PDT)
• Oncology
• Illumination
• Immunoregulation
• Mathematical modelling of mechanisms (in-silico studies)
• In vitro and in vivo studies of the effects of PDT
• Planning, simulation
• Dosimetry of light
• Medical device design
• Clinical studies (writing protocols, submission to authorities,...)

Example(s) of projects

• Development of luminous textiles
• Development of 4 clinical protocols (FLEXITHERALIGHT, PHOSITOS, MesoPDT, and INDYGO)

Example(s) of publications

Leroy HA et al., Interstitial Photodynamic Therapy for Glioblastomas: A Standardized Procedure for Clinical Use, Cancers (Basel), 2021
• Dahlqvist G. et al., Modulatory effect of rapamycin and tacrolimus on monocyte-derived dendritic cells phenotype and function, Immunobiology, 2021
• Milhem C. et al., Combination of High Dose Hypofractionated Radiotherapy with Anti-PD1 Single Dose Immunotherapy Leads to a Th1 Immune Activation Resulting in a Complete Clinical Response in a Melanoma Patient, Int J Mol Sci., 2020

Collaborations/Partners/Scientific clients

Several national and international collaborations:


University Hospital UZ Leuven (Belgium), Tampere University of Technology (Finland), KVEST Recklinghausen (Germany), Abramson Cancer Center (USA), Roswell Cancer Park Institute (USA)

Services offers

Applications sectors

  • Health / wellness
  • Education / Training
  • Science / Research

Services provided

• Mathematical modelling of the light-biological tissue interaction
• Development of processing planning software
• Evaluation of the effectiveness of PDT on tumor cells
• Assessing the impact of PDT on immune system modulation
• Evaluating the impact of a drug candidate or cancer therapy molecule on regulatory T cells

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We provide consulting services on all our skills


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