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Laboratory of Oceanology and Geosciences (LOG)

Research unit - UMR 8187


Our laboratory conducts multidisciplinary research in oceanology and geosciences, mainly in the coastal and coastal fields. In oceanology, our research focuses on marine ecology, biogeochemistry and physical oceanography. In geosciences, research focuses on the sedimentary domain, focusing on coastal dynamics, geochemistry, paleo-environments and tectonic deformations in basins. The Eastern Channel is our preferred study site but we are also studying other systems such as the North Atlantic, the Mediterranean, the Southern Ocean... Our activities are divided into observation, experimentation and modelling.



28, Avenue du Maréchal Foch
BP 80


Laboratory of Oceanology and Geosciences


Effectif total : 136

Personnel de recherche : 83

Personnel d'appui à la recherche : 24



• Remote sensing in marine and coastal environments
• Global change and plankton
• Micro-scales and couplings
• Planktonic ecology and diversity
• Shoreline geomorphology
• Saliferous tectonics

Example(s) of projects

• Study of changing environments and climate, analysis of the impacts of these changes on biodiversity, air quality, health and perspectives and strategies for adapting to these changes (CPER CLIMIBIO) 🡭
• Study of the Marine Environment, Resource and Quality of Aquatic Products (CPER MARCO) 🡭
• Identification Moléculaire, Minéralogique, Morphologique et isotopique des Micro- et Macro-fossiles aux échelle Micro et nano (ANR M6FOSSILS) 🡭
• Nano Wire Intelligent Redesign and Recycling for Environmental Safety (H2020 NanoWIR2ES) 🡭

Example(s) of publications

• Impact of Sea Breeze Dynamics on Atmospheric Pollutants and Their Toxicity in Industrial and Urban Coastal Environments. Augustin, Patrick; Billet, Sylvain; Crumeyrolle, Suzanne; et al., Remote Sensing, MDPI AG, 15-02-2020, 12 (4), 648.
• Kaolinite-to-Chlorite Conversion from Si,Al-Rich Fluid-Origin Veins/Fe-Rich Carboniferous Shale Interaction. Bourdelle, Franck; Dubois, Michel; Lloret, Emily; et al., Minerals, MDPI AG, 26-07-2021, 11 (8), 804.

Collaborations/Partners/Scientific clients

Several national and international collaborations:

Station marine de Wimereux, Maison de la Recherche en Environnement Naturel (MREN), Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD), IFPEN, Université de Caen-Basse Normandie, Université de Bourgogne Franche-Comté

Université des Sciences et Technologies d'Hanoï, ETH Zurich,

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  • Science / Research

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• Satellite characterization of water composition
• High resolution geophysical characterization of sedimentary basins

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We provide consulting services on all our skills


Our laboratory has a large number of equipment, both for field observation and laboratory experimentation. The equipment is divided into 4 trays:
- Observation, experimentation and analysis
- Chemical and mineralogical sampling and analysis
- Informatics, mapping, networking
- Electronic and mechanical designs


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