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Senescence, fibrosis and cancer (CANTHER)

Research team - UMR9020 CNRS – UMR1277 Inserm


Our team is interested in the impact of the two main forms of cellular aging (senescence and fibrosis) on cancer initiation and on cancer recurrence after dormancy. In this context, the objectives of our team are to decipher the interrelations between senescence and fibrosis, to analyze their function on tumorigenesis in the context of aging or in response to anti- cancer therapiescancer patients and seek new targets for seno-fibrolytics among non-coding RNAs.


  • Corinne Abbadie


1, rue du Professeur Calmette
Bâtiment IBL
59021 LILLE




• Cancer
• Cell aging
• Cell senescence and fibrosis
• Molecular mechanisms of cell senescence that impact neoplastic transformation
• Non-coding RNAs in chronic kidney disease
• Non-coding RNA in cancer and during fibrogenesis
• Molecular aspects of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

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Université Libre de Brussels
Gent University
Université de Namur
Université autonome de Tabasco, Mexique
University Hospital RWTH, Germany
Yale School of Medicine, USA
University of Michigan, USA

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