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Polymer Systems Engineering (UMR 8207)

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The Polymer Systems Engineering team covers the activities of synthesis, functionalization, structural and mechanical characterization, as well as the study of the flame retardant properties of polymer materials. Original research into (multi)stimulative polymer materials, biomaterials and surface treatments, and, more recently, the recycling of polymer materials is also being developed.




Université de Lille, Campus Cité Scientifique, Bâtiment C6




Reaction and fire resistance
- treatment in the mass of the material (e.g. incorporation of additives in a thermoplastic)
- surface treatment on a substrate (polymer, wood or steel)
- Development of the material to make it fire resistant and durable, as well as modelling its behaviour in an aggressive and complex environment

Recycling and life cycle analysis
- Recycling of polymer materials;
- Chemical upgrading;
- Catalytic pyrolysis, reactive extrusion, fluid assisted extrusion, radiation treatments;

Structure, plasticity, damage
- The influence of changes in macromolecular architecture on mechanical response;

Stimulative polymer systems
- polymer materials/systems whose physico-chemical properties can be modulated by the application of various external stimuli.

Polymers for biomedical use
- Development of polymers with specific intrinsic biological properties;
- Vectorizing and releasing properties of active ingredients;
- Biomaterials used as medical devices capable of interacting with living tissue;

Chemistry and physics of interfaces
- new scientific and experimental strategies relating to the functionalization of surfaces (chemical, physical, mechanical and electrochemical pathways) and the design of functional coatings (e.g. from paints to dry or wet thin coatings).

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