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Taphonomy Forensic Unit (UTML&A)

Research unit - ULR 7367


Our research focuses on cadaveric degradation and related biological mechanisms in several disciplines, mainly medical, including forensic medicine, biological anthropology, odontology, bacteriology and entomology. Our work focuses in particular on the study of the behaviour of necrophagous insects, physicochemical evolution and changes in the surfaces of bone and dental components.



Rue André Verhaeghe
Institut médico-légal, Faculté de médecine, Campus Santé, Université de Lille
59000 LILLE




• Forensic entomology
• Biological and biochemical processes involved in post-mortem body transformations
• Behaviour of necropsy insects
• Physicochemical evolution and surface changes of bone and dental components
• Taphonomy microimaging techniques
• Taphonomy of hard tissue
• Cadaveric microbiota
• Entomological Ecology
• Root transparency
• Cementochronology
• Post-mortem dental deposits

Collaborations/Partners/Scientific clients

Université d'Etat du Texas (Etats-Unis), Université A&M du Texas (Etats-Unis), Université Chaminade d'Honolulu (Etats-Unis), Nebraska University (Etats-Unis), Michigan State University (Etats-Unis), University of technology Sydney (Australie), Université de Coimbra (Portugal), Institut Royal des Sciences Naturelles (Belgique)

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We have 200m² of offices and equipped laboratories (anthropology, odontology, entomology) as well as access to the medical imaging tray (including a micro-scanner) and various measuring equipment.


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