• Cultural and creative industries
  • Digital World and Robotics
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Societal and economic transition & Risk management

Center for interdisciplinary research on information & communication (GERiiCO)

Research unit - ULR 4073


Our laboratory combines analytical and methodological expertise at the crossroads of information and communication sciences, social sciences, linguistics and cognitive sciences. GERiiCO's major research focus is the analysis of info-communication practices, processes and devices in their linguistic and discursive, technological and symbolic dimensions. We are renowned for our expertise in the following fields: information and communication in organizations; traditional media and the emergence of new media; advanced information processing software; informational uses and practices in different environments (professional, academic, etc.); socio-economic changes in the scientific and technical information sector; monitoring practices and systems in companies; changes in mediation and communication systems in urban public spaces. We are open to all academic and industrial collaborations and propose services in line with our expertise.


  • Patrice De La Broise


3, Rue du Barreau, Bâtiment B
Campus Pont-de-Bois, Université de Lille


Center for interdisciplinary research on information & communication


Effectif total : 41

Personnel de recherche : 39

Personnel d'appui à la recherche : 2



• Information and communication in organizations
• Traditional media and the emergence of new media
• Advanced information processing software
• Uses and information practices in diverse environments (professional, academic...)
• Socio-economic changes in the scientific and technical information sector
• Monitoring practices and devices in companies
• Changes in mediation and communication devices in the urban public space
• Relationship between digital devices and social contexts
• Access to the public domain of social movements
• Representations of identities (gender, race, class, Frenchness)
• Construction of public problems linked to social relations (racism, sexism...)
• Writing in a professional environment
• Media and information literacy
• Social organization of knowledge
• Processes of mediation and mediatization
• Circulation of information in social groups
• Digital humanities
• Scientific and technical information
• Open science
• Artificial intelligence in art, culture, heritage and tourism

Example(s) of projects

• European project 3i Cross-border Collaborations, Exploring Food Insecurity and Vulnerability in the Cross-Channel Euroregion: the case of Ghent, coastal north Kent and Lille 🡭
• National ANR Memomines project, Converting memory traces into digital mediations: slides and aesthetics of mediation. 🡭
• National ANR Crobora Project, The Circulation of Images of the Past of Europe 🡭
• National ResPaDon Project, A network to develop and diversify the use of web archives 🡭
• National project Re-Breathe Design Center, Establish a 4.0 platform for the demonstration and coordination of a French health care industry designed to design, produce, collect and reuse recyclable health masks.

Example(s) of publications

See the full list of publications (currently being updated for 2020-2021) here

Collaborations/Partners/Scientific clients

Numerous national and international collaborations:

University of Lyon 2, University of Artois, Catholic University of Louvain-la-Neuve, University of Lille, Laval University, University of Ottawa, University of Paris, University of Paris-Est Créteil, Polytechnic University, University of Savoie Mont-Blanc, THE RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF THE NAVY SCHOOL (IRENav)

Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research, Luxembourg, University of Quebec at Trois-Rivières, University of Quebec at Montreal, MedEatResearch UniSOB - The University Sister-Ursula-Benincasa, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie

Collaborations/Partners/Private Clients

• Association for the Prevention of Air Pollution (Appa) - France
• National Thesis Reproduction Workshop (ANRT) - France
• Regional Network for Women's Information and Training (CORIF) - France, Nord-Pas-de-Calais
• Council of Architecture, Urbanism and Environment of the Nord - France, Nord department
• Department of Nord - France
• Department of Pas-de-Calais - France
• Eurecom France
• European Language Resources Agency (ELRA) - Europe
• Fondation Bonduelle - France, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Canada, Spain and Russia
• France Education international - France / international
• National Institute of Audio/Video (INA) - France
• MEL - European Metropole of Lille
• Pictanovo - Hauts de France
• Pôle Emploi - France
• Network of stakeholders in media/information education in the Hauts-de-France region (EMI'Cycle) • Hauts-de-France
• SHOM - France
• National Institute of Geography (IGN).

Services offers

Applications sectors

  • Administration / Public sector
  • Science / Research

Services provided

• Analysis of the actions and phenomena of information and communication in organizations (companies, museums, local authorities, hospitals...)
• Study of the impact of ICT on traditional media and the emergence of new media
• Evaluation of advanced information processing software (search, filtering, automatic translation, term extraction, information organization tools...)
• Analysis of information uses and practices in different environments (professional, academic...)
• Analysis of socio-economic changes in the scientific and technical information sector
• Study of the practices and monitoring systems in companies (in particular the SME sector)
• Analysis of changes in mediation and communication systems in the urban public domain (associative media, interpretation of urban heritage, communication strategies and urban renewal)
• Modeling and creation of databases, in documentary management, in information monitoring, and around new web technologies (web portals, web data, etc.)

Training offers

• Doctoral seminar on research data and open science
• Doctoral seminar on digital communication and social sciences

Consulting services

We provide consulting services related to all our areas of expertise.


We do not offer access to any equipment.


Affiliated institutions / organisations


Doctoral schools

Regional strategic areas of activity

  • Cultural and creative industries
    • Applications, outreach and cognitive sciences
    • Content production: audiovisual, video game, museum...
    • Information design, experience design
    • New ways of learning
    • Tourism, heritage and digital world
    • Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, 3D and 360° Interaction
  • Digital World and Robotics
    • Artificial intelligence, image processing, data science
    • Digital modeling, digital twins, data visualization
    • Digital transformation, digital social inclusion
    • Internet of things, cloud computing and big data
  • Health and Nutrition
    • Prevention, well-being and the silver economy
    • Safe, healthy and sustainable food
  • Societal and economic transition & Risk management
    • Digital transformation, organizational agility, digital social inclusion
    • Public and European policies
    • Societal issues, employment, inclusion, social innovation
    • Territories, heritage and culture