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Centre for Research in Psychology: Cognition, Psychism and Organisations (CRP-CPO)

Research unit - UR 7273


The Centre for Research in Psychology: Cognition, Psychism and Organisations brings together researchers from multiple fields of psychology with different and complementary epistemological and theoretical backgrounds and methodologies.

Research is carried out in a life-span perspective with populations presenting various disorders or pathologies. It involves different levels of analysis (individuals, groups, organisations) and varieties of clinical, pedagogical and professional applications.


  • Béatrice BOURDIN
  • Federica Cilia
  • Harmony Duclos
  • Emilie Loup-Escande
    Deputy director
  • Nabila Terchani


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Centre for Research in Psychology: Cognition, Psychism and Organisations


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Personnel de recherche : 41

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The research developed at CRP-CPO focuses on the functioning and interactions of the person with his family, social, organizational and technological environment. Thus, through the ages of life, different forms of disabilities, pathologies and sufferings are studied.
More specifically, fundamental and applied research is conducted around the themes of memory, aging, therapeutic processes, processes of change, communication, learning, intelligence and mediated or not mediated interactions in different contexts.
These themes are investigated by mobilizing different techniques of data collection and processing, thus showing a plurality of scientific approaches and methods used.

Axis 1. "Cognition, communication, learning":
• Study of memory (learning) and communication processes (language and social cognition)
• Fields of inclusion, prevention, education and health, with a dual lifespan and transnosological perspective.
• Memory,
• Language,
• Social cognition.

Axis 2. "Therapeutic processes and care systems":
• Understanding of processes related to health issues and the system of care (conventional psychotherapeutic devices, evaluative (quality of life, well-being, etc.) ), alternatives, preventive, with a population of all ages (children, adolescents, adults, elderly), with a proven psychic or somatic pathology.
• Evaluation and support in general population but in specific contexts (sports performance, spiritual dimensions, epidemic, etc.) and on the various determinants and health behaviours.
• Study on the effectiveness of therapeutics but also on the underlying dynamic processes leading to changes.
• Traditional and psychotherapeutic devices,
• Therapeutic mediation and quality of life,
• Societal context and health behaviours.

Axis 3. "Organisations, Society, Innovations":
• Analysis and support of social and organizational changes,
• Dynamic groupings and intergroups,
• Technological innovation.

Example(s) of projects

1. ANR EEC Project “Critical Education”
Collaborative Research Project - Enterprise (PRCE).
Proposal of a tested and validated canvas to scientifically establish a method of critical education.
More details: http://espritcritique.info/wp-content/ uploads/2018/09/ANR-EEC.pdf
Budget: €272 K. Partners: CHArt-EPHE (project carrier), CRP-CPO (UPJV), Institut Jean Nicod (ENS-CNRS), Fondation LAMAP (La Main à la Pâte), LIED-P7 (Université de Paris 7-CNRS), LP3C-R2 (Université de Rennes 2), INNOVAXIOM.

2. FUN French US Neuromyths Project
“What do French and American teachers know about the science of learning? A trans-continental collaboration”
Thomas Jefferson Fund Project - FACE Foundation.
Identification of teachers' knowledge in France and the United States about how we learn, and setting up workshops to improve teachers' knowledge about effective learning strategies.
Budget: $20K Co-sponsors: CRP-CPO (UPJV) and University of Massachusetts Lowell (USA).

3. Smart Angel AIP Project
«Individualized medical surveillance of patients operated by intelligent software agents and by controlled connected medical device»
Development of a high-performance digital ecosystem (integratable with the various IT systems in place) dedicated to the monitoring and accompaniment of patients throughout their care journey and their return home.
More details: https://www.evolucare.com/innovation/surveillance-medicale-individualisee-smartangel.html
Budget: €13.3 million. Partners: EVOLUCARE Technologies (project carrier), INES,MIS (UPJV), CRP-CPO (UPJV), ARCHES (UPEC), APHP, CHU de Nîmes.

4. Interreg SAIL Project “Stay Active and Independent for Longer”
Identify new ways to help people stay independent longer, and less dependent on traditional health care and social assistance services.
Budget: €2.33 million. Partners: HZ University of Applied Sciences (project carrier, Netherlands), Economic Impuls Zeeland (Netherlands), GGD Zeeland (Netherlands), Public Health organisation Zeeland (Netherlands), Westtoer Region (Belgium), City of Ostend (Belgium), Norfolk County Coucil (United Kingdom), Bournemouth University Higher Education Corporation (Great Britain), University of East Anglia (GrandeBretagne), AFEJI (France), UPJV.

5. PIA IDT project “100% Inclusion, a Challenge, a Territory”
Creation of a multidisciplinary structuring pole to meet the challenge of inclusion for all through the decompartmentalization of educational territories in the Hauts-deFrance and Normandie academic regions.
Budget: €7.5 million. Partners: UPJV (project carrier), Universities of Artois, Caen, Rouen, and Lille.

6. EVC EPR DOM Project
«The daily and home life of people in Chronic Vegetative or Relational States»
Crossover of the discourses of families and professionals about the quality of life (or life in everyday life), the needs and expectations of people in vegetative or pauci-relational state at home, families (or caregivers), professionals working at home; Reconstruction of ethnomethods put in place by families in daily life with their loved ones.
Budget: €192 K. Partners: Rouen and Caen Universities (Co-Founders), CRLC (Belgium), Centre «Neurologisches und Neurorehabilitationszentrum Sonderkrankenanstalt» (Kittsee, Austria).

Example(s) of publications

1. Aoun Sebaiti, M., Hainselin, M., Gounden, Y., Sirbu, C.-A., Sekulic, S., Lorusso, L., Nacul, L., & Authier, F.-J. (2022). Neuropsychological impairment in myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS): Analysis of literature and proposal for patients’ evaluation. Scientific Reports, 12(1), 5127. 🡭

2. Bourdin, B., & Fayol, M. (2022). Facilitating text production in fourth graders: Effects of script-based knowledge and writing prompts. Frontiers in Psychology. 13:821011. 🡭

3. Chaniaud, N., Jeanpierre, P., Laguette, V., Loup-Escande, E. (2022). Impact of psycho-social factors, e-health literacy and information access on vaccination perceptions and intentions against COVID-19 : Online Survey. Review of European Studies, 14(2). 🡭

4. Le Deley, V., Masson, J., Pierrefiche, O., Bernoussi, A., & Stojcevski, I. (2022, In Press), Impact of altered states of consciousness induced by holotropic breathwork on self transcendence. Global Journal of Health Science.

5. Gómez-Torresa, P., Martínez-Péreza, G. Z., Gómez-Barrerab, M., Mullet, E., & Vera Cruz, G. (2022). Assessing Spaniard men’s willingness and determinants to use a male contraceptive pill. European Journal of Contraception and Reproductive Health Care. 🡭

6. Pochon R, Touchet C, Ibernon L. (2022). Recognition of Basic Emotions with and without the Use of Emotional Vocabulary by Adolescents with Down Syndrome. Behavioral Sciences. 2022; 12(6):167. 🡭

Collaborations/Partners/Scientific clients

National : Institut Jean Nicod (ENS-CNRS), Fondation LAMAP (La Main à la Pâte), LIED-P7 (Université de Paris 7-CNRS), LP3C-R2 (Université de Rennes 2), Université d’Artois, Université de Caen, Université de Rouen, Université de Lille.

Internationales : University of Massachusetts Lowell (États-Unis), CRLC (Belgique), Centre « Neurologisches und Neurorehabilitationszentrum Sonderkrankenanstalt » (Kittsee,Autriche), HZ University of Applied Sciences (Pays-Bas), Economic Impuls Zeeland (Pays-Bas), GGD Zeeland (Pays-Bas), Public Health organisation Zeeland (Pays-Bas), Région Westtoer (Belgique), Ville d’Ostende (Belgique), Norfolk County Coucil (Grande-Bretagne), Bournemouth University Higher Education corporation (Grande-Bretagne), University of East Anglia (Grande-Bretagne).

Collaborations/Partners/Private Clients

Evolucare, Air France, Stelia Aerospace, ADEME, CIAC-IT, Reviatech, Académie d'Amiens

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• Eye-tracker
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• Emerging technologies: virtual reality and augmented reality devices


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