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The analytical chemistry platform brings together all the analytical means of biochemical characterization and/or spectroscopy available to the Institute's research professors and researchers. Thus, in addition to its own research programs (methodological developments), the platform provides scientific and technical support to the various researchers within the framework of their research and development or even training programs. This structuring space most often hosts multidisciplinary programs necessary for collaboration with industrialists in the plant breeding and production, agro-industry, agri-food or nutrition and health sectors.





• Biochemical analysis of food matrices and fate of biochemical markers (vitamins, Maillard products, macronutrients ...) during agro-industrial and/or food processes
• Physico-chemical characterization of plant raw materials for the evaluation of their technological aptitudes (molecular distribution of polysaccharide and/or protein polymers ...)
• Development of plant selection tools for phenotyping steps (high throughput screening of protein subunits ...)

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