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This platform gathers all the scientific equipment used in the framework of research and development activities and training in water sciences. This structuring scientific tool hosts multidisciplinary teams necessary for the collaboration with industrials in the fields of hydrogeology, hydrochemistry and hydrogeophysics.


  • Pierre-Evan Meurant


19 rue Pierre Waguet
60026 Beauvais




• Hydrochemistry
• Hydrogeology
• Hydrogeophysics

Example(s) of projects

• Characterization of surface and underground water
• Determination of the quality of water resources (surface and underground)
• Follow-up of the levels of the water tables in the drillings belonging to the experimental UniLaSalle Beauvais site
• Study of the physico-chemical variations of water resources (Temperature, pH, water pressure, salinity, conductivity, etc.)
• Analysis of water samples (anions and cations) using ion chromatography techniques
• Numerical mapping and mathematical simulation of flows and pollutant transfer using hydrogeological software
• Determination of hydrogeological characteristics by PMR (Proton Magnetic Resonance) surveys: water content, transmissivity, and permeability of hydrogeological units
• Characterization of hydrogeological reservoirs by application of subsurface geophysical methods (electrical, seismic refraction) and by logging (gamma-ray, temperature, conductivity)

Services offers

Applications sectors

  • Science / Research
  • Water


• Water sampler, perfectly suited for groundwater, floating and heavy hydrocarbons sampling in hydrogeological drilling
• Moisture sensor, for measuring moisture density in soils
• Piezometric probe, to measure depth of water level in boreholes, piezometers, wells, open water, reservoirs etc.
• Proton Magnetic Resonance Sounding to measure water content, permeability and transmissivity
• Multiparameter probes to measure electrical conductivity, salinity, resistivity, turbidity, temperature
• Logging probes, allowing continuous recording of each parameter over the entire height of a drill
• ICS 500 ion chromatography system to measure anion and cation assays


Nom Modèle Marque
ICS 500 ion chromatography system
Logging probes
Piezometric probe
Multiparameter probes


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