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Lille Fluid Mechanics Laboratory - Kampé de Fériet (LMFL)

Research unit - UMR 9014


Our laboratory mainly studies turbulent external and internal aerodynamics. We aim to study and model turbulent and rotating flows using experimental, numerical and theoretical methods. Our research is structured around three main axes: (i) Turbulence; (ii) Rotating flows; and (iii) Flight dynamics in non-steady and inhomogeneous environment. We also developed three transversal axes (Optical Metrology; Active Flow Control; and Data Analysis) with the objective of developing methods and algorithms for the study of turbulent flows and for the active control of flows.


  • Jean-Philippe Laval


Bâtiment M6, Avenue Paul Langevin
Campus Cité Scientifique, Université de Lille


Lille Fluid Mechanics Laboratory - Kampé de Fériet


Effectif total : 71

Personnel de recherche : 19

Personnel d'appui à la recherche : 20



• Turbulence and turbulence modeling
• Rotating flows and rotating machines (turbomachines, propellers, rotors, wind turbines, water turbines)
• Flows bounded by walls, wakes, jets and other flow patterns
• Flight dynamics in unsteady and inhomogeneous environment
• Behavior of aircraft operating at low speeds in a disturbed flight space
• Optical metrology
• Methods and algorithms of optical methodologies for the study of turbulent flows
• Active control of external and internal flows
• Numerical simulation of flows

Example(s) of projects

• ANR EXPLOIT: Experimental Study of Dissipation Structures in Turbulence (2018-2022) 🡭
• ANR DYNEOL: Turbulence DYNamics around wind and marine turbine blades (2018-2022) 🡭
• CPER RITMEA: Research and Innovation in Eco-responsible and Autonomous Transport and Mobility (2021-2027)
• H2020 Clean Sky 2 ACONIT: Actuators for Surge Control in Gas Turbine (2020-2023) 🡭

Example(s) of publications

• Solak I , Laval JP. Large-scale motions from a direct numerical simulation of a turbulent boundary layer, Phys. Rev. E vol. 98, (2018)
• Martins FJWA, Foucaut JM, Stanislas M, Azevedo LFA. Characterization of near-wall structures in the log-region of a turbulent boundary layer by means of conditional statistics of tomographic PIV data, Exp. Therm. Fluid Sci. vol. 105, pp. 191-205, (2019)
• J.G. Chen C. Cuvier, J.-M. Foucaut, Y. Ostovan, J.C. Vassilicos, A turbulence dissipation inhomogeneity scaling in the wake of two side-by-side square prisms, Journal of Fluid Mechanics (2021)
• G. Margalida, P. Joseph, O. Roussette, A. Dazin., Comparison and Sensibility Analysis of Warning Parameters for Rotating Stall Detection in an Axial Compressor, International Journal of Turbomachinery, Propulsion and Power 5 (3), pp.16, (2020)
• Margalida G., Joseph P., Roussette O., Dazin A., Active flow control in an axial compressor for stability improvement: on the effect of flow control on stall inception, Experiments in Fluids, 62, N12, (2021)

Discover the full list of publications here.

Collaborations/Partners/Scientific clients

IRENAV, Institut d’Alembert, Institut PPRIME

Imperial College London (UK), Université de Lubiana (Slovenia), VirginiaTech (USA), Université de Padoue (Italy), Université de Jangsu (China)

Collaborations/Partners/Private Clients

Airbus, Safran, CNES, Ariane Group, Pochet Du Courval, Decathlon

Services offers

Applications sectors

  • Aeronautics / Aerospace
  • Education / Training
  • Science / Research

Services provided

• Characterization of the behavior of the vehicle subjected to a lateral or vertical wind gust during a tense trajectory
• Production and operation of laboratory flight tests of aircraft models
• Advanced investigation of the coupling between vehicle and environment
• Quantification of the robustness of the proposed strategies to uncertainties, and the sensitivity to steering errors
• Analysis and modeling of internal or external flows linked to rotating machines (turbo-machinery, rotors, windmills, tidal generators) in degenerated flow conditions
• Optical metrology for turbulent flows

Training offers

International Master « Master Aeronautics & Space » Mention « Turbulence »

Consulting services

We provide consulting services related to all our areas of expertise.


We possess a wide range of equipment regrouped within the internal and external technological platforms:
• CONTRAERO (http://contraero.univ-lille1.fr/)
• MéOL - Wind tunnels - Rotating machines

See the list of equipment: https://lmfl.cnrs.fr/les-plateformes/


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    • Industrial processes engineering, efficient processes
  • Digital World and Robotics
    • Digital modeling, digital twins, data visualization
  • Energy and Environment
    • Energy efficiency and storage
    • Renewable energies
  • Transport and Mobility
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