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Dynamic-Drive aims to study vehicle dynamics in depth, especially in the case of hybrid vehicles equipped with an electric machine at the rear. In some cases, the driving strategy of the thermal engine and the electric machine, is likely to impact the behaviour of the vehicle mainly in a slippery curve.

A Twingo GT has been specially instrumented and modified for the control and measurement of parameters related to the dynamic behaviour of the vehicle (ESP). Thus, the electronic path correction system has been redesigned so that it can be controlled via the control laws developed in the laboratory.

The engine ECU is also fully configurable and interfaceable with Matlab/Simulink.
What’s more, this technology can be transposed to our dynamic engine bench equipped with the same engine and control architecture, as the instrumented Twingo (bench tests can thus be validated on real vehicles).

Finally, Dynamic-Drive can also address problems related to aerodynamic flow control.


  • Sébastien PAGANELLI
    Technical manager
  • Sébastien DELPRAT
    Scientific manager
  • Jimmy LAUBER
    Scientific manager


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ADEME project/ Industrial HYBRELEC


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• Dynamic Stability Control

• Characterization of the hydraulic braking system

• GMP and ESP management via advanced algorithms

• Characterization of pneumatic/pavement contact

• Aerodynamic flow measurement and control

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Nom Modèle Marque
Instrumented twingo Twingo II GT 1.2 TCE/ Renault
Optical speed sensor / Kistler
Inertial power plant Xsense
Pressure scanner 54 channels 100Hz/
Real-time modular system Autobox/ dSPACE
DYNDRIVE - Coupler on G drive shaft 3000Nm/ Atcom Télémétrie


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Université Polytechnique Hauts-de-France (UPHF)

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INSA Hauts-de-France

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