• Digital World and Robotics
  • Societal and economic transition & Risk management
  • Transport and Mobility

Future Logistics and Sustainable Production (LFPD)



The LFPD consists of three platforms:

1/ Platform 1: SmartLab (Reconfigurable assembly cell) equipped with mobile robotic workstations and industrial mobile robots.

2/ Platform 2: designed at LAMIH as part of the ANR HUMANISM project, it aims to study the issues of Human-Machine Cooperation.
These two technology platforms are used for research projects, but also for training at INSA Hauts-de-France.

3/ a "MultiMode" platform, being developed within the framework of the RITMEA project, bringing together logistic chain modelling and simulation means


  • Yves SALLEZ
    Scientific manager
  • Marie-Pierre PACAUX
    Technical manager


Le Mont-Houy



Effectif total : 5



Skills developed during projects:

• Human-robot cooperation
• Reconfiguration of production systems
• Supply chain modeling / simulation

Example(s) of projects

Reconfigurable Production Systems Projects

Use for the ANR I2RM project on warehouse security in Logistics

Use in the ANR Humanism project (Manufacturing 4.0)

Collaborations/Partners/Private Clients

Collaboration with UTC and Sup-Méca Paris teams on RMS issues

Collaboration with CRAN on logistics safety

Collaboration with CREsTIC Reims and Lab-STICC Lorient

Services offers

Applications sectors

  • Transportation / Logistics
  • Education / Training
  • Automation, machinery / Robotics
  • Science / Research

Training offers

Training in Mobile Robotics/ Collaborative Robotics/ Man-Machine Cooperation/ Industry 4.0/ Logistics

Consulting services

Consulting services on all our skills



Nom Modèle Marque
Fleet of 3 mobile robots MIR 100/ MIR
Collaborative robot UR5/ Universal Robot
LFPD - Collaborative robot UR3/ Universal robot
LFPD - Collaborative robot UR 5E/ Universal Robot
Collaborative robot YUMI/ ABB
Teaching robot fleet Robomaster EP CORE/ DJI
Vision System for bin picking PICKIT


Affiliated institutions / organisations

Université Polytechnique Hauts-de-France (UPHF)

Partner institution(s)

INSA Hauts-de-France

Unit(s) of attachment


Competitive cluster

Regional strategic areas of activity

  • Digital World and Robotics
    • Advanced production systems, industrial maintenance
    • Digital modeling, digital twins, data visualization
    • Internet of things, cloud computing and big data
    • Robotics, cobotics, Human-Machine interaction
  • Societal and economic transition & Risk management
    • Industrial and territorial ecology
    • New economic models
  • Transport and Mobility
    • Multi-modality, flow management, infrastructure and logistics
    • Reduction of pollution and energy consumption