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BioImaging Center Lille (BICeL)



Our platform is dedicated to cellular, tissue and small animal imaging (rodent and aquatic models). Our services are structured around five technological platforms: electron microscopy, photonic microscopy, cytometry and flow imaging. We possess a wide range of innovative equipment and support research activities of more than 400 researchers and 112 national and international research teams. We are open to all academic and industrial collaborations and propose services and training in line with our expertise.


  • Nathalie Jouy
    Technical manager
  • Frank Lafont
    Research director
  • Sophie Salomé-Desnoulez
    Technical manager
  • Meryem Tardivel
    Technical manager


1 rue du professeur Calmette
59019 LILLE


Chiffres clés

• >250 users/year
• >16 publications/year
• 232 projects / year including 7% industrial projects
• 84 publications over the period 2015-2019



• Transmission electronic imaging (TEM) and scanning (SEM), including (cryo-) tomography in TEM and SEM and EDX and EELS analysis in TEM
• Light microscopy (FRAP, FRET, FLIM, SIM) in a containment environment
• Conventional and spectral cytometry, flow imaging and cell sorting, including in a containment environment
• Preparation of samples
• Data analysis and interpretation
• Image analysis
• High resolution cellular, tissue and intravital imaging of small animals

Collaborations/Partners/Scientific clients

Université de Rouen, Institut Curie, Institut Pasteur Paris, Institut Cochin, Université de Technologie de Compiègne, Université de Toulouse, Sorbonne Université, ANSES

Weizmann Institute of Science (Israel), Université Libre de Bruxelles (Belgium)

Services offers

Applications sectors

  • Biotechnology
  • Health / wellness
  • Science / Research

Services provided

• Photon imaging, including in vivo imaging in animal facilities A2, super-resolution, FRAP, FRET, FCS / FCCS and light sheet methodologies
• Transmission electron imaging (TEM) and scanning electron imaging (SEM), including (cryo)tomography
• Assistance in the preparation of samples and the choice of the appropriate system for the scientific problem
• Assistance in the design, acquisition and analysis of data
• Support for all or part of a study project (preparation, immuno-staining, acquisition, data analysis) as part of the service provision
• Services in image restoration by 3D deconvolution

Training offers

We offer theoretical and practical training in specific techniques:
• Theoretical bases of cytometry
• Practice in cytometry
• Practice in electron microscopy
• Theory and practice in light microscopy
• Image analysis
• Videomicroscopy
• Transparency and 3D imaging

Consulting services

We provide consulting services related to all our areas of expertise.


The BICeL platform is equipped with state-of-the-art instruments in electron microscopy, photonics and flow imaging:
• electron microscopes
• high content microscopes
• Photonic microscopes (confocal, PALM, TIRF, PALM-SIM, multiphoton, video microscopes, epifluorescence microscopes, light sheet microscopes, slide scanner)
• flow cytometers
• ultramicrotomes and cryo-ultramicrotomes
• cryo-fixation and cruo-substitution devices

See the detailed list of equipment: https://www.ibisa.net/plateformes/bioimaging-center-lille-bicel-241.html


Nom Modèle Marque
Ultramicrotome Ultracut R/ Leica
Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) JEM 2100/ JEOL
Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) H7500/ Hitachi
Scanning electron microscope (SEM) Merlin Compact VP/ Zeiss
Confocal microscope LSM 780 fast Airy scan/ Zeiss
Flow cytometer LSR Fortessa X20/ BD
Light sheet fluorescence microscopy (LSFM) Ultramicroscope/ Lavision
Fast video microscope SD live SR/ Nikon Roper
Multimodal FLIM microscope A1/ Nikon
Two-photon excitation microscopy SP8/ Leica


Affiliated institutions / organisations

CHU de Lille

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Regional strategic areas of activity

  • Health and Nutrition
    • Food ingredients