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Microscopy and Micro-Fluorescence X (M2FART)



The activities of the M2FART platform focus on the observation and chemical analysis of materials of varied nature (metals, polymer, ceramics, biological). The platform has a pressure-controlled scanning electron microscope coupled with an X microanalysis and X micro fluorescence system.

Thanks to the complementarity of these two techniques, this equipment, which is unique in the region, allows a wide range of detection limits from ppm to % for quantification of the chemical composition of samples and for chemical mapping. Thanks to the Peltier plate installed on this equipment, it is also possible to observe samples sensitive to degassing (hydrated and biological samples). At the data processing level, the use of the 3D MAP software allows 3D reconstruction of the images and access to the dimensional parameters of the samples.


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• Scanning Electron Microscopy Imaging
• Qualitative and quantitative spectrum analysis using Energy Selective Spectrometry and Micro-Fluorescence X-ray Spectrometry
• Chemical mapping
• Dimensional data processing by 3D MAP software

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Applications sectors

  • Energy
  • Chemistry / Plastics (Glue, Plastic, Rubber...)
  • Materials (Metal, Glass, Ceramic, Composite...)
  • Science / Research
  • Business services

Services provided

• Observation of samples of various types (metals, polymer, minerals) from the micrometer to nanometer scale
• Observation of degassing sensitive samples (hydrated and biological samples)
• Sample chemical analysis by energy selective spectrometry
• Sample chemical analysis by X-ray micro-fluorescence spectrometry
• Chemical mapping

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Individual or collective trainings adaptable to the level of the participants (beginner, intermediate, advanced) including the theoretical foundations up to the practice of the instruments.

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We provide consulting services on all our skills


The M2FART platform is equipped with a Hitachi SU3800 pressure-controlled scanning electron microscope coupled with a Bruker X-ray micro-fluorescence system consisting of an SDD detector (Quantax) and an X-ray generator ( X trace). This equipment has a Peltier DEBEN plate that allows samples to cool down to -25°C and 3D MAP software for image reconstruction and dimensional processing. A set of preparation equipment (metallizer, mechanical polisher) is also available.

Discover the detailed equipment list: here


Nom Modèle Marque
Pressure-controlled scanning electron microscope SU3800/ HITACHI


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Artois University

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Centrale Lille

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  • Chemistry and Materials
    • Coatings and surface treatments
    • Green chemistry
    • Industrial processes engineering, efficient processes
    • Organic chemistry
    • Recycling of materials and efficient use of material resources
    • Textiles, composites, materials