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Glycochemistry, Antimicrobials and Agro-Resources Laboratory (LG2A)

Research unit - UMR 7378


In the field of glycochemistry, the research at LG2A is mainly devoted to the development of routes to molecules of interest from mono- and oligosaccharides obtained by chemical synthesis or by depolymerization of polysaccharides followed by functionalisation.

The research activity is structured in 2 Axes: Chemistry for Life / Chemobiology and Chemistry for Sustainable Development.

The Laboratory is placed at the centre of a dense map of research organisations, industries and networks, with projects supported or cofinanced by the ANR, the UE, the Hauts-de-France region, and SATT Nord.


    Deputy director
  • Carole DARGUESSE
  • Vincent CHAGNAULT
    Communication referent


10 rue Baudelocque
80039 AMIENS Cedex 1


Glycochemistry, Antimicrobials
and Agro-Resources Laboratory


Effectif total : 35

Personnel de recherche : 19

Personnel d'appui à la recherche : 7



1. Axis Chemistry for Life / Chemobiology

• Antimicrobials: Sugar/lectin Interactions - Antimicrobial Glycoconjugates;
• Transport: Membrane transport in Gram-negative bacteria - Drug delivery;
• Synthetic methodology, oligosaccharides and analogues;
• Molecular modelling.

2. Axis Chemistry for Sustainable Development

• Energy: Organic materials for electrochemical storage -
Biosourced organic materials for photovoltaic cells
• Development of eco-compatible tools: Valorization of byproducts and biomass - Supported and biodegradable materials - Synthesis in non-conventional media -Polysaccharides

Example(s) of projects

1. H2020 ERA-NET Co-fund on Sustainable Food Production and Consumption SUSFOOD2 2018 :

SPAREC, Sustainable Processing of Agrofood Residues to Elicitors and Chemicals
Budget: 1 176 k€ total, 125 k€ LG2A
Partners: Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Madrid Complutense University) (Profs. Victoria Santos, coord, Miguel Ladero Galan), LG2A (Prof. José Kovensky), RISE-PFI Biocomposites (Dr. Gary Chinga Carrasco), ASA Spezialenzyme GmbH Germany (Dr. Arno Cordes),
PlantResponse S.L.Spain (Dr. Marise Borja), Pago de
Carraovejas R&D&i Spain (Dr. Eva Navascues), ELYS Conseil SASU France (Mr Yannick Le Guern)

2. ANR PRC 2018 : DEOSS, DEvelopment of Organic batteries with Solid-State electrolytes
Budget: 471 k€
Partners: LG2A (Dr. Franck Dolhem, coord), LRCS (Amiens), IMN (Nantes), IPREM (Pau)

3. ANR PRC 2017: OLIBLOCK, Oligosaccharidic (multi)block copolymers with tunable composition
Budget: 366 k€
Partners: LG2A (Prof. José Kovensky, coord, Dr. Véronique
Bonnet), IMP (Lyon, Prof. Eric Drockenmuller), ArminesCEMEF (Sophia-Antipolis, Dr. Patrick Navard)

4. ANR JCJC 2019: CARBOPHOTON Selective modification of carbohydrates using photo-activated nanocatalysts
Budget: 178 k€,
Partners: LG2A (Dr. G. Pourceau, MCF, coord, Pr. A. Wadouachi), LRCS (Dr. F. Sauvage, DR CNRS); LASIR Lille (Dr. Hervé Vezin, DR CNRS)

Example(s) of publications

1. Beneficial Health Effects of Glucosinolates-Derived Isothiocyanates on Cardiovascular and Neurodegenerative Diseases
Kamal, R. M.; Abdull Razis, A. F.; Mohd Sukri, N. S.; Perimal, E. K.; Ahmad, H.; Patrick, R.; Djedaini-Pilard, F.; Mazzon, E.; Rigaud, S.
Molecules 2022, 27, 624. 🡭

2. Cyclodextrin Complexation as a Way of Increasing the Aqueous Solublity and Staility of Carvedilol
Rigaud, S.; Mathiron, D.; Moufawad, T.; Landy, D.; Djedaini-Pilard, F.; Marçon, F.
Pharmaceutics 2021, 13, 1746. 🡭

3. Discrimination of isomeric trisaccharides and their relative quantification in honeys using trapped ion mobility spectrometry
Przybylski, C.; Bonnet, V.
Food Chem. 2021, 341, 128182.🡭

4. One-Pot Synthesis of Asymmetrically Difunctionalized Oligomaltosides by Cyclodextrin Ring Opening
Pélingre, M.; Smadhi, M.; Bil, A.; Bonnet, V.; Kovensky, J.
ChemistryOpen 2021, 10, 493-496. 🡭

5. Ring-Opening of Cyclodextrins: An Efficient Route to Pure Maltohexa-, Hepta-, and Octaoses
Pélingre, M.; Koffi Teki, D. S.-E.; El-Abid, J.; Chagnault, V.; Kovensky, J.; Bonnet, V.
Organics 2021, 2, 287-305.🡭

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Collaborations/Partners/Scientific clients

National: Université de Lille, Université de Lyon, Université de Nantes, Université de Pau et des Pays de l'Adour

International: Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Espagne)

Collaborations/Partners/Private Clients

Novance, Sanofi, Improve, Scient, URGO, Ocedis, Servier, SATT Nord

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Services for all our expertise: Synthesis, Chromatography (HPLC, LC-MS, IC-MS, IR)

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Organic Synthesis - Purification - Separation - Analyses - Characterization - Enzyme inhibition tests (IC50, Ki)

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We provide consulting services according to our expertise.


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