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Mucins, cancer and drug resistance (CANTHER)

Research team - UMR9020 CNRS – UMR1277 Inserm


Our research focuses on the role of mucins in cancer and the mechanisms of tumour resistance to chemotherapy treatments. We are working to better understand (i) the mechanisms involved in chemoresistance (intracellular signaling, epigenetics, metabolism, etc.), (ii) the impact of tumor-stroma interactions on tumor behaviour and (iii) tumor heterogeneity (molecular mapping and profiling, single cell and multi-omic approaches). To do this, we develop basic, pre-clinical and translational cancer research in collaboration with hospital departments with the aim of transferring our data into clinical practice (new markers, new therapeutic targets, new protocols, personalized medicine). We also develop interdisciplinary research with chemists (new drugs, therapeutic chemistry), physicists (4D microfluidic models, organ/tissue-on-chip models) and bioinformaticians (artificial intelligence for cancer). The purpose of this work is to discover new phenotypic, prognostic, predictive, treatment response markers (treatment orientations) in oesophthalmic cancersgastric, colic, pancreatic and renal and also to identify new therapeutic targets (improved treatment effectiveness) in order to propose new tools to clinicians to better manage and treat the patient (personalized medicine).


  • Isabelle Van Seuningen


1 Place de Verdun, Bâtiment Cancer, Campus Santé, Université de Lille
59045 LILLE



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Mucins and cancer
Mechanisms of tumour resistance to chemotherapy treatments
Epigenetic plasticity of the tumor cell
Intracellular signaling
Tumor-stroma interactions
Tumor heterogeneity

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• Molecular monitoring of recurrence to anticipate advanced disease resistance

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