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Center for Infection & Immunity of Lille (CIIL)

Research unit - UMR 9017 - U 1019


The Center for Infection & Immunity of Lille (CIIL) develops research projects on the molecular and cellular mechanisms of infectious and chronic inflammatory diseases with the aim to apply this knowledge to the development of improved diagnostics, vaccines and therapeutics. To achieve these goals, our Center gathers complementary expertise, covering a wide range of disciplines from epidemiology, molecular and cellular virology, bacteriology and parasitology, to the immunological basis of infectious and non-infectious diseases and translation into clinical applications. The CIIL studies bacterial, viral and parasitic diseases and the immune reaction against these infections as well as related immune dysfunctions of non-infectious diseases such as allergic asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). We also work on opportunistic infections in the context of cystic fibrosis which is the most frequent human genetic disease. The major infectious diseases that we investigate are tuberculosis, pneumococcal pneumonia, whooping cough, plague, hepatitis C and E, influenza, Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS), COVID-19, malaria, schistosomiasis, toxoplasmosis, cryptosporidiosis and blastocystosis.


  • Jean Dubuisson


1 Rue du Professeur Calmette
Campus de l’Institut Pasteur de Lille, Université de Lille
59000 LILLE


Center for Infection & Immunity of Lille


Effectif total : 221

Personnel de recherche : 125

Personnel d'appui à la recherche : 31



• Epidemiology
• Molecular and cellular virology
• Bacteriology and parasitology
• Immunological basis of infectious and non-infectious diseases
• Chemical Genomics of Intracellular Mycobacteria
• Opportunist Infection, Immunity, Environment & Lung Diseases
• Chemical Biology of Antibiotics
• Biology of Apicomplexan Parasites
• Cellular Microbiology And Physics Of Infection
• Chemical Biology of Flatworms
• Research on Mycobacteria and Bordetella
• Tropical Biome & Immuno-Pathophysiology
• Plague & Yersinia pestis
• Bacteria, Antibiotics and Immunity
• Influenza, Immunity and Metabolism
• Pulmonary Immunity
• Ecology & Physiopathology of Intestinal Protozoa

Example(s) of projects

• European programs: ERA4TB, FAIR, PHYS2BIOMED
• Investments for the Future programme: LABEX PARAFRAP, IHU RESPIRE

Example(s) of publications

• TgAP2IX-5 is a key transcriptional regulator of the asexual cell cycle division in Toxoplasma gondii. Khelifa AS, Guillen Sanchez C, Lesage KM, Huot L, Mouveaux T, Pericard P, Barois N, Touzet H, Marot G, Roger E, Gissot M. Nat Commun. 2021 Jan 7;12(1):116. 🡭
• A cysteine selenosulfide redox switch for protein chemical synthesis. Diemer V, Ollivier N, Leclercq B, Drobecq H, Vicogne J, Agouridas V, Melnyk O. Nat Commun. 2020 May 22;11(1):2558. 🡭
• Gut Dysbiosis during Influenza Contributes to Pulmonary Pneumococcal Superinfection through Altered Short-Chain Fatty Acid Production. Sencio V, Barthelemy A, Tavares LP, Machado MG, Soulard D, Cuinat C, Queiroz-Junior CM, Noordine ML, Salomé-Desnoulez S, Deryuter L, Foligné B, Wahl C, Frisch B, Vieira AT, Paget C, Milligan G, Ulven T, Wolowczuk I, Faveeuw C, Le Goffic R, Thomas M, Ferreira S, Teixeira MM, Trottein F. Cell Rep. 2020 Mar 3;30(9):2934-2947.e6. 🡭
• Influenza infection rewires energy metabolism and induces browning features in adipose cells and tissues. Ayari A, Rosa-Calatrava M, Lancel S, Barthelemy J, Pizzorno A, Mayeuf-Louchart A, Baron M, Hot D, Deruyter L, Soulard D, Julien T, Faveeuw C, Molendi-Coste O, Dombrowicz D, Sedano L, Sencio V, Le Goffic R, Trottein F, Wolowczuk I. Commun Biol. 2020 May 14;3(1):237
• Intrinsic Antibacterial Activity of Nanoparticles Made of β-Cyclodextrins Potentiates Their Effect as Drug Nanocarriers against Tuberculosis. Machelart A, Salzano G, Li X, Demars A, Debrie AS, Menendez-Miranda M, Pancani E, Jouny S, Hoffmann E, Deboosere N, Belhaouane I, Rouanet C, Simar S, Talahari S, Giannini V, Villemagne B, Flipo M, Brosch R, Nesslany F, Deprez B, Muraille E, Locht C, Baulard AR, Willand N, Majlessi L, Gref R, Brodin P. ACS Nano. 2019 Apr 23;13(4):3992-4007. 🡭

Collaborations/Partners/Scientific clients

INRA Rennes, IBCP Lyon, Université de Toulouse, Université de Guyane, Sorbonne, Université Paris-Sud

University of Western Ontario (Canada), University of Ghent (Belgium), Jacobs University (Germany), University of Helsinki (Finland)

Collaborations/Partners/Private Clients


Services offers

Applications sectors

  • Health / wellness
  • Education / Training
  • Science / Research

Services provided

• Identification and development of antimicrobial peptides
• Development of new powerful analgesics
• Identification of new antiviral targets
• Development of new diagnostic tools
• Identification of naturally occurring antivirals
• Design of appropriate delivery systems and formulations for aerosol therapy in humans
• Studies of the impact of antibiotic treatment on the modulation of host immunity in pulmonary infections ...

Consulting services

We provide consulting services related to all our areas of expertise.


We possess a wide range of equipment regrouped within the internal and external technological platforms:
• BioImaging Center
• Transcriptomics and Applied Genomics Platform
• Modified Peptide and Proteomics Platform
• Chemical Systems Biology Platform
• Bioinformatics Platform
• Sub-Saharan Clinical Research Platform
• Animal facility
• Insectarium

We also have the BSL2 and BSL3 laboratories as well as all the basic equipment (cell culture equipment, cell and molecular biology, etc.).


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Regional strategic areas of activity

  • Health and Nutrition
    • New therapeutic approaches