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Amiens Hispanic Studies Centre (CEHA)

Research unit - UR 4285


CEHA aims to become a reference point for researchers, Hispanists, and all those who wish to venture into the Spanish-speaking cultural space.

The team works towards an integrated approach to the cultures of the Hispanic world, overcoming the divisions and partitions that too often separate the Iberian and Latin American domains.
Focused on the intercultural communication between dominant and dominated societies, CEHA´s work makes explicit the diversity but also the unity of Hispanic cultures through the points of contact between literature, history and language.
Spearheading studies on minorities since 2009, CEHA has led the European Group ″Minorities in Medieval and Modern Spain (15th - 17th centuries)″, an international team of twenty-five researchers from thirteen differentuniversities which enables CEHA to reach far beyond our borders.


  • Cyril Caux
  • Rica Amran


10 Rue des Français libres
Pôle Citadelle - E214
80080 AMIENS


Amiens Hispanic Studies Centre


Effectif total : 15

Personnel de recherche : 7

Personnel d'appui à la recherche : 1



• Culture of the Hispanic World,
• Interactions / exchanges between Spanish and American cultural productions.
• Study of Hispanic politics, religions, languages and social structures.
• Study on minorities in the Hispanic World.

Example(s) of projects

Publication of the book "Penser les minorités", coordination de Rica Amran, ed. Orbis-UPJV, décembre 2019. 🡭

Example(s) of publications

Publication of the books

1. Penser les minorités, coordination de Rica Amran, ed. Orbis-UPJV, décembre 2019. 🡭

2. eHumanista Conversos 🡭

3. Minorías ebooks 🡭

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