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Translational research platform on the interactions between physical activity, sport and health (EURASPORT)


Translational research platform on the interactions between physical activity, sport and health


Our platform comprises facilities and scientific equipment for the analysis of physical activity in professional situations and the evaluation of the effects of physical exercise, re-training or training on human performance (strength, speed, endurance) and respiratory, cardiovascular and muscular functions. We also have strong expertise in quantitative and qualitative analysis of personal physical activity. We offer scientific and methodological support for projects whose aim is to evaluate different modes of intervention (exercise, diet, sleep, connected tools) on the quality of life, health or performance of sedentary populations, patients with a pathology or athletes.


  • Serge Berthoin
  • Justine Lepoutre
  • Adrien Combes
    Technical manager


413 avenue Eugène Avinée
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Translational research platform on the interactions between physical activity, sport and health

Chiffres clés

• 240 people received annually within the framework of re-training protocols
• 50 trainees hosted annually
• 22 projects including 8 as partners, 1 with industrialists since 2017
• 2000 sports medicine consultations since 2018


Effectif total : 8



• Blood biology
• Design and supervision of physical activities/retraining: healthy or pathological populations
• Body composition assessment
• Assessment of the amount of physical activity
• Evaluation of energy expenditure
• Assessment of food intake
• Sleep assessment
• Assessment of performance
• Assessment of functional capacities
• Assessment of respiratory function
• Assessment of cardio-circulatory and vascular functions
• Assessment of muscular function
• Evaluation of motor skills

Example(s) of projects

• Effect of a 2-month supervised adapted physical activity program on the functional capacities (strength and endurance) of people with severe to massive obesity
• Development of physical activity programs for pathologies (diabetes, obesity, Parkinson's disease...)
• Project on the prediction of glycemic variations according to physical activity, insulin and nutrition
• Implementation of a protocol to validate a water patch
• Collaboration with the occupational health insurance fund to validate adapted physical activity programs for people over the age of 50
• Collaboration with the MEL to support the sports teams of Lille (evaluation of the physical performances of the players)

Collaborations/Partners/Scientific clients

Centre Oscar Lambert, CHU Caen, CHU Lille

Institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal (Canada)

Collaborations/Partners/Private Clients

Association Française des Polyarthritiques et des Rhumatismes Inflammatoires Chroniques, Association Santélys, Association Type 1 running team, Caisse Assurance Retraite Santé au Travail (CARSAT), Linde Homecare France, Eurasante, Métropole Européenne de Lille (MEL), Plateforme d’Accompagnement de Ressources de Coordination SeP et Parkinson Hauts de France, Société francophone du diabète (SFD), Union sports diabète (USD)

Services offers

Applications sectors

  • Science / Research

Services provided

• Body composition, Plethysmography(BodPod, Cosmed)
• Body composition, Impedancemetry(Tanita BC-418, Tanita)
• Body composition, Skin folds (Skinfold Caliper, Harpenden)

Performance measurement
• 20-m shuttle run test
• Maximum aerobic power - Ergocycle (with or without VO2) - Velotron, RacerMate Inc
• Maximum Aerobic Speed - Treadmill (with or without VO2) - Pulsar 4.0, h/p/cosmos
• Aerobic profile (treadmill or ergocycle, ventilatory thresholds, FC-VO2 relationship) - Pulsar 4.0, h/p/cosmos or Velotron, RacerMate Inc; and Vyntus CPX, CareFusion)
• Anaerobic Profile - Wingate (Maximum Anaerobic Power, Fatigue Index, Average Anaerobic Power) - Velotron, RacerMate Inc
• Lower limb power (squat jump, countermovement jump, drop jump, jump responsiveness and fatigue resistance) - OptoJump, MicroGate
• Isometric quadriceps and hamstring strength
• LegControl, MatSport
• Maximum isometric grip force (grip test) - TKK 5401 Grip D, Takeï
• Muscle profile (strength-speed and power-speed) - Tendo Unit, Tendo Sport
• Maximum strength - isokinetics (maximum strength, agonist-antagonist ratio, comparison of 2 limbs) - CON-TREX, Physiomed

Functional evaluations
• 6 minute walk test
• Functional tests (flexibility, strength, balance, endurance)
• Stability limits - Pedistar, RM Ingenierie
• Muscle electrophysiology - Trigno Wireless System, Delsys
• Electromagnetic stimulation of neuromuscular tissue - 200², Magstim

Physical activity and energy expenditure
• Physical activity level measurement (questionnaire and accelerometer) - GT9X Link, ActiGraph
• Indirect calorimetry (fixed and ambulatory) - K4 B2 Cosmed

Respiratory function
• Spirometry - BodyBox, Medisoft
• Pulmonary transfer factors and its components (TLCO and TLNO-TLCO) - BodyBox, Medisoft
• Respiratory muscle strength (MIP/MEP and SNIP) - BodyBox, Medisoft
• Airway occlusion pressure (P0.1) - BodyBox, Medisoft
• NO expired - FeNO+, Medisoft
• Hypoxia, hyperoxia and normobaric hypercapnia - AltiTrainer 200, SMTEC
• Eucapnic Voluntary hyperventilation (EVH) - EucapSys, SMTEC
• Respiratory gas exchange - Vyntus CPX, CareFusion

Cardio-circulatory and vascular functions
• Flow mediated dilation (FMD)
• Vivid i, GE Healthcare
• Stress blood pressure - Tango M2, SunTech Medical
• Muscle and brain oxygenation - Oxymon (fixed), PortaLite (ambulatory), Artinis Medical Systems
• Blood infusion - Pericam PSI / PeriIont, Perimed
• Heart rate variability - V800, Polar

Biological analysis
• Blood gas (pH, pCO2, pO2) - GEM Premier 4000, Instrumentation Laboratory
• Electrolytes (Na+, K+, Ca++, Cl-) - GEM Premier 4000, Instrumentation Laboratory
• Metabolites (Glu, Lac) - GEM Premier 4000, Instrumentation Laboratory
• CO-oximetry (tHb, COHb, MetHb, O2Hb, HHB, sO2) - GEM Premier 4000, Instrumentation Laboratory
• Hematocrit - Haematokrit 220, Hettich Zentrifugen
• Continuous interstitial glucose measurement - iPro2, Medtronic; FreeStyle Pro, Abbott

Design and / or supervision of training / re-training sessions or programs
• Physical activity programs adapted to the populations of interest (age, pathology, developmental goals...)
• Re-training - Muscle strengthening
• Cardio-respiratory development

Training offers

We offer equipment training for all our equipment.

Consulting services

We provide consulting services related to all our areas of expertise.


The main equipment of the EURASPORT platform:
• Ergometers: treadmill (Cosmos, Cybex), cyclo-ergometers (Excalibur Load), 13 weight machines (Cybex), isokinetic device (Contrex, Medimex).
• Respiratory function: breath-by-breath VO2 (stationary equipment, Vintus CPX, and portable system, K4, Cosmed; Metamax 3B, Cortex), plethysmography (BodyBox, Medisoft), spirometry, expired NO (FeNO+, Medisoft), hypoxic environment simulator (Altitrainer 200), hypercapnic device (EucapSys, SMTEC), stationary and portable systems of near infrared spectroscopy (Artinis Medical Systems).
• Vascular function: laser speckle contrast imaging (PeriCam PSI, Perimed), doppler ultrasound (Vivid i, GE), automatic blood pressure measurement (Tango +, SunTech Medical).
• Metabolic exploration: Microcapillary blood analyses for glucose, lactate, blood gas … (GEM 4000, Werfen), Continuous Glucose Monitoring (IPro2, Medtronic; Freestyle Pro, Abbott).
• Muscle function: strength, speed (Tendosport), power (Optojump, Smartspeed), EMG.
• Analysis of movement: force plate (Kistler), posturometry, GPS coupled with accelerometry (GPSport), actimetry (Actigraph, Camntech).
• Body composition: bioimpedancemetry (Tanita), air displacement plethysmography (Bodpod -Cosmed), skinfold caliper (Harpenden).


Nom Modèle Marque
Isokinetic dynamometer CON-TREX MJ + TP 1000/ Physiomed
Body plethysmography box BodPod/ Cosmed
Gas exchange analyzer Vyntus CPX/ Vyaire medical
Portable brain and muscle NIRS Portalite and Portamon/ Artinis Medical Systems BV
Blood gas analyzer GEM Premier 4000/ Instrumentation laboratory
Treadmill Pulsar 4.0/ h/p/cosmos
Blood perfusion imager Pericam PSI/ Perimed
Respiratory plethysmography cabin BodyBox/ Medisoft
Training room


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CHU de Lille

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