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Agroecology, Hydrogeochemistry, Media & Resources (UP2018.C101) (AGHYLE)

Research unit


The research unit AGHYLE (Agro-ecology, Hydrogeochemistry, Milieux & Ressources) is a unit of the Unilasalle Polytechnic Institute, certified by the HCERES. His research focuses on the study of the ecological interactions between plants, abiotic factors (of soils and climates) and edaphic organisms in order to understand their role in the functioning of the soil, nutrient dynamics and availability (N&P), pathogen cycles, and agroecosystem productivity.
The AGHYLE unit is supported by the development of three industrial research and training chairs: «biomes», «plant breeding» and «agromachinism and new technologies».


  • Stéphane FIRMIN
    Scientific manager
  • Isabelle Trinsoutrot-Gattin


19 rue Pierre Waguet
60026 Beauvais



Effectif total : 45

Personnel de recherche : 29

Personnel d'appui à la recherche : 8



• Soil management & crop quality
• Plant health & integrated protection, biocontrol
• Agronomy & Agroecology
• Biogeochemistry & organic matter
• Microbiology & Molecular Biology
• Hydrogeochemistry & water quality
• Environmental Toxicology

Example(s) of publications

• Alicia Ayerdi Gotor and Elisa Marraccini. Innovative Pulses for Western European Temperate Regions: A Review (2022) agronomy

• M Forster, C Ugarte, M Lamandé, MP Faucon, Root traits of crop species contributing to soil shear strength 2022 Geoderma Volume 409, 115642

• Honvault, N., Houben, D., Firmin, S., Meglouli, H., Laruelle, F., Fontaine, J., Lounès‐Hadj Sahraoui, A., Coutu, A., Lambers, H., Faucon, M.P., 2021a. Interactions between below‐ground traits and rhizosheath fungal and bacterial communities for phosphorus acquisition. Functional Ecology, 35(7): 1603-1619

• Samain E, Aussenac T, Selim S,The Effect of Plant Genotype, Growth Stage, and Mycosphaerella graminicola Strains on the Efficiency and Durability of Wheat-Induced Resistance by Paenibacillus sp. Strain B2 (2019) Frontiers in Plant Science vol 10

• Zouhri, L., Armand, R., 2021. Groundwater vulnerability assessment of the chalk aquifer in the northern part of France. Geocarto International, 36(11): 1193-1216

You can find all our publications here : ici

Collaborations/Partners/Scientific clients

Jules Verne University of Picardy, Rouen University, Caen Normandy University, Reims University, Le Havre Normandie University

University of Liège (Belgium), Wageningen (Netherlands), Western Australia (Australia), Cadi Ayyad (Morocco)

Collaborations/Partners/Private Clients

Bonduelle, Véolia environnement, Sede, Safege, ARD, Bayer, Dupont, Vivescia, Capseine, Actalia

Services offers

Applications sectors

  • Agriculture
  • Science / Research
  • Water

Services provided

• Physicochemical, biological (wildlife and microorganisms) soil quality analysis
• Evaluating the effectiveness of treatments (chemical and microorganisms) for plant diseases
• Study of hydrogeological transfers (drought, pollution, agricultural practices, human activity)
• Assessment of effects on soil fertility (fertilizers, miscellaneous amendments) and carbon sequestration (agricultural practices)
• Environmental toxicology (mycotoxins, trace elements, emerging contaminants)

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