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The research of our team is at the interface between Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering. We study innovative materials, which may contain by-products, industrial co-products or waste, and examine their behavior, durability and environmental impact. This approach is part of a value chain logic.
The recycling of mineral matter from by-products, industrial co-products or waste is a growing need in our society. One of the major challenges is to develop the economic and application potential to exploit the enormous quantities produced annually. Materials used in construction and health have a strong potential of evolution through specific applications leading to the use of more performing and innovative materials. However, this development will be achieved through controlled sustainability and new functionalities.
Given the complexity and the transversality in terms of expertise in these fields, the team's approach is to understand the complex couplings governing the interactions between materials and their environment through a multi-scale experimental approach complemented by numerical simulations.



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• Materials for civil engineering
• Innovative materials
• Bio-materials

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• Chaire ECO-SED 🡭

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ARF (Activités de Recyclage et de Formulation), Carrières du Boulonnais, COLAS, EDF, EQIOM, Grand Port Autonome de Dunkerque, NEO-ECO recycling, Voies Navigables de France, Maisons et Cités SOGINORPA, Centre de compétence régional en développement durable, Centre International de Recherche en Analyse du Cycle de vie, Conseil Régional de l’Ordre des Architectes, NJC UNTEC, Roquette, CODEM

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We possess a wide range of equipment:
• Experimental indentation device
• Geotechnical tests (triaxial, oedimeters, ....)
• Experimental and numerical platform for material characterization
• Material characterization devices
• Surface characterization devices
• Devices for material shaping

See the detailed list of equipment: https://www.lgcge.fr/recherches/equipements-sites-ateliers/


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