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Our research focuses on (i) the analysis of consumer behavior, (ii) the study of consumer behavior (based on big data analysis) allowing companies to enhance their customer capital, and (iii) the practice of negotiations within networks (integrating the network as a development capital for companies, but also for non-profit organizations). Our research covers topics related to consumer behavior in their relationship with the company (BtoC) as well as studies on relationships between companies (BtoB). The methodologies used are diverse and include both qualitative methods (semi-structured interviews and focus groups) and quantitative methods (experiments, surveys, exploitation of customer databases). Teams can be formed around these topics (Consumer Behavior; Marketing Analytics; Negotiation).


  • Nathalie Demoulin
    Team manager


Bâtiment SH2, Avenue Jean Perrin
Campus Cité scientifique, Université de Lille



Effectif total : 27

Personnel de recherche : 27



• Study of consumer behavior
• Impact of new technologies on consumer behavior
• Prediction and influence of consumer behavior
• Social and psychological theories of consumption
• Relationship Marketing
• BtoC and BtoB relations
• Big data analytics
• Data mining and text-mining
• Sales management

Example(s) of publications

• De Caigny A., Coussement K., De Bock K. W., (2020). Leveraging Fine-Grained Transaction Data for Customer Life Event Predictions, Decision Support Systems, 130 (March) 1-12.
• de Kerviler, Gwarlann, Nico Heuvinck, and Elodie Gentina. (2021) "“Make an Effort and Show Me the Love!” Effects of Indexical and Iconic Authenticity on Perceived Brand Ethicality." Journal of Business Ethics, 1-22.
• Meire M., Hewett K., Ballings M., Kumar V., Van den Poel D., (2019), The Role of Marketer Generated Content in Customer Engagement Marketing, Journal of Marketing, 83(6), pp. 21-42
• Paesbrugghe, Bert, et al. (2020). "Evaluation of salespeople by the purchasing function: implications for the evolving role of salespeople." Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management 40.4 : 289-305.
• Swaen, Valérie, Nathalie Demoulin, and Véronique Pauwels-Delassus. (2021) "Impact of customers’ perceptions regarding corporate social responsibility and irresponsibility in the grocery retailing industry: The role of corporate reputation." Journal of Business Research, Vol 131, 707-721.
• Weijters Bert, Millet Kobe, Cabooter E., (2021). Extremity in dropdown scale format responses. Some evidence on how visual distance between response categories influences extreme responding., International Journal of Research in Marketing, 37 (1) 85-103.

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Qualitative methods:
• semi-structured interviews
• focus groups

Quantitative methods:
• experiments
• surveys
• operation of customer databases
• big data
• data and text-mining

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