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Glycomics and proteomics platform


PAGés-P3M is the only French IBiSa labelled platform dedicated to the global analysis of single glycans, glycopeptides and whole glycoproteins. PAGés-P3M is part of the Structural and Functional Glucobiology Unit UMR8576 and benefits from 20 years of experience in the study of glycosylation. The platform has strong expertise in :
- NMR, gas chromatography and mass spectrometry for the identification of complex sugars and glycans,
- glycoproteomic analysis for the localization of glycosylations,
- mass spectrometry of whole glycoproteins for the quantification of glycoforms and the study of interactions with ligand or protein partners. We are open to all academic and industrial collaborations and propose services and training in line with our expertise.



Bâtiment C9, Avenue Mendeleiev
Campus Cité Scientifique, Université de Lille


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