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Dynamometer power bench (Dyno-Drive)



Dyno-Drive is a platform for the characterization of thermal, electric and hybrid traction chains, as well as the experimental validation of control laws specifically developed for the energy management of powertrains.

Dyno-Drive brings together a set of equipment that allows the emulation of an approval cycle monitoring (NEDC, WLTP...) with precision and repeatability ensured by a driving robot installed at the driver’s station of the vehicle to be tested.

This GreenMot driving robot completes the dynamometer power bench with hubs (550kW) capable of loading the driving wheels of the vehicle, according to a complete road law: ascent and descent, simulation of inertia among others.
With its 90kW battery simulator, Dyno-Drive makes it possible to test and characterize 100% electric vehicles, freeing them from range constraints.


  • Sébastien DELPRAT
    Scientific manager
  • Jimmy LAUBER
    Scientific manager
  • Sylvain DELOBEL
    Technical manager


144 rue Joseph-Louis Lagrange
Technopôle Transalley, Bâtiment BTMD
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• Evaluation of ordering strategies and experimental validation

• Characterization of thermal, electric or hybrid traction chains

• Effective powertrain power measurement

• Certification of electric vehicles according to WLTP

• Development of engine maps and brakes

Services offers

Services provided

• Approval of electric vehicles (GreenMot robot)
• GMP performance and endurance tests (200kW hub bench per axis)

• Fuel consumption measurement via PEMS (AVL PLUTRON)

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Nom Modèle Marque
DYNO - Hub dynamometer / Rotronics
Wheel speed fan VC9000/ Rotronics
Exhaust extractor 3000 m3/h/ Rotronics
300V/300A Controllable Battery Simulator Leroy Somer
Driving robot G-ROBOT/ Greenmot
Multi-fuel flow meter PLUTRON/ AVL


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Université Polytechnique Hauts-de-France (UPHF)

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INSA Hauts-de-France

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