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Factors of persistence of leukemic cells (CANTHER)

Research team - UMR9020 CNRS – UMR1277 Inserm


Our team focused on the discovery of factors that contribute to the long-term persistence of leukemia cells such as tumour dormancy, and the characterization of predictive genomic markers of the evolution of malignant blood diseases. Our results specifically highlighted the role of immuno-evasion (PD-L1, CCL2) and tumor stem cells. We are evaluating new genomic markers of malignant blood diseases, such as predictive markers of treatment failure and relapse. In collaboration with chemists, we are developing new methods to target protein/protein interactions in dormant tumour cells. We are also exploring new therapeutic strategies and developing new drugs targeting transcription factor/DNA interaction.


  • Bruno Quesnel


1 Place de Verdun, Bâtiment Cancer
Université de Lille, Campus Santé
59045 LILLE




• Mechanisms of tumor dormancy in leukemia
• Oncogenic transcription factors in leukemia and solid tumors
• Genetic and non-genetic factors
• Role of immune response in leukemia persistence
• Genetic, epigenetic and proteomic signature of dormant cells

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