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Technical platform for methanization



The methanization platform is composed of several areas: an analytical laboratory, a "small pilot" area (from 2l to 120l), an outdoor area for larger pilots (up to 2m3), and a microalgae production and valorization demonstrator site.
The main objective of the research activities dedicated to methanization is to understand and optimize the methanization processes in solid, paste and liquid form. Waste pretreatment, biological, chemical and physical mechanisms involved in these processes are also studied thanks to analytical equipment as well as pilot anaerobic digestion reactors of various scales. Rheological parameters and water transfers are also studied.





• Physico-chemical characterization of substrates and inoculum
• Pretreatment of inputs
• Optimization and implementation of substrate digestion
• Understanding and management of anaerobic digestion inhibitions
• Determination of the methanogenic potential of substrates
• Monitoring and quantification of microorganisms
• Optimization of dry and liquid anaerobic digestion processes
• Modeling of anaerobic digestion processes
• Optimization of microalgae culture

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